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Everything you need to know about machine press

Just as other machine tools, a forming press occurs to be one with its function of changing the shape of a workpiece. It often works with the application of pressure. Operators that operate this machine are called a press-tool setter or tool-setter.

Machine press are available for different operations in the manufacturing world, making its available in different types and vary functions. Presses are classified according to their:

  • Mechanism – hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic.
  • Functions – forge presses, stamp presses, press brakes, punch press etc.
  • Structure such as knuckle-joint press, screw press
  • Control – conventional or servo presses.

machine press tool

Shop press

A shop presses typically comprise of a rectangular frame and a hydraulic cylinder which apply pressure to through a ram to a workpiece. This press is known as shop press as it is often used for general- purpose forming work.

It’s greatly used in machine shops, auto mechanic shop, garage or basement shop etc. The shop press is capable of applying pressure of about 1 to 30 tons, depending on size and construction.

Finally, on shop press, it is commonly used to press interference fit parts together. Parts like gears into shafts or bearing into housings.

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Servo press

A servo press is also known as electro press or servomechanism press. It is driven by an AC servo motor and it convert the torque produced to a linear force through a ball screw.

The servo press uses a load cell and an encoder to control the pressure and position. One great benefit it offers is low energy consumption as it’s only 10-20% of other kinds.

The stamping is about maximizing energy as opposed to how the tonnage is delivered. However, bigger machines with bigger motors are vastly used to increase tonnage between the die and workpiece.


As earlier mentioned, there are different types of presses available out there for different mechanical purposes. below are some types of presser and their applications:

  • Press brake: it’s a special type of machine press that is use for bending sheet metal into shape. The modern version of press brake features CNC controls, leaving the parts formed with high accuracy. Its bending forces range up to 3,000 tons.
  • Punch press: the punch press is designed for hole forming
  • Stamping press: is another type of machine press used for shaping and cutting metal by deforming them with a die. It consists press frame, bolster plate, and ram.
  • Capping press: it forms caps from rolls of aluminium foil at about 660 per minute.
  • Screw press: is also known as a fly press.


The types of presses are the straightside, back geared BG, geared, gap, open back inclination OBI and open back stationary OBS. C- type, etc.


The major parts of machine press include vertical column, c-frame, anvil, ram, table, die press.


Safety is important as machine presses can be hazardous. The CNC version or BI-manual control can be very good and less hazardous as the controls are on buttons to operate. The sensors light is also important to be in good condition as it indicate if the operator is in range of the die.

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