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MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) Entrance Exam 2023/2024

The Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT, is a standardized exam designed to evaluate students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, and understanding of natural and social science ideas and principles that are necessary for studying medicine. It is one of the most significant criteria that admissions committees for medical schools take into account.


Who Needs To Take The MCAT?

MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) Entrance Exam 2023/2024

The MCAT is required for regular admission to all medical schools in the United States and several in Canada. Many schools do not accept MCAT scores that are more than three years old.

What is the MCAT format?

The MCAT is a computer-based test that takes approximately 7 hours and 30 minutes to complete. The test consists of four sections:

  1. Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems (90 minutes): Covers topics such as general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and biochemistry.
  2. Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems (90 minutes): Covers topics such as molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, and physiology.
  3. Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior (90 minutes): Covers topics such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, and bioethics.
  4. Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (90 minutes): Covers topics such as reading comprehension, analytical writing, and quantitative reasoning.

How Is The MCAT Scored?

The MCAT is scored on a range of 118 to 132 for each section, yielding a total score between 472 and 528. In 2022, 509 was the median MCAT score for students enrolled in medical schools in the United States.

2023/2024 MCAT Test Dates

Unless otherwise specified below, 8:00 a.m. is the regular start time every day. On the designated score release date, scores are made public by 5:00 p.m. ET. All scheduling deadlines are set for the day of the deadline at 11:59 p.m. local test center time.

Test Date60 Day Deadline30 Day Deadline10 Day DeadlineScore Release Date
January 12Nov. 13, 2023Dec. 13, 2023Jan. 2Feb. 13
January 13Nov. 14, 2023Dec. 14, 2023Jan. 3Feb. 13
January 18Nov. 19, 2023Dec. 19, 2023Jan. 8Feb. 20
January 26Nov. 27, 2023Dec. 27, 2023Jan. 16March 1
March 9Jan. 9Feb. 8Feb. 28April 9
March 22Jan. 22Feb. 21March 12April 23
April 12Feb. 12March 13April 2May 14
April 13Feb. 13March 14April 3May 14
April 26Feb. 26March 27April 16May 29
April 27Feb. 27March 28April 17May 29
May 4March 5April 4April 24June 4
May 10March 11April 10April 30June 11
May 11March 12April 11May 1June 11
May 16March 17April 16May 6June 18
May 24March 25April 24May 14June 25
June 1April 2May 2May 22July 2
June 14April 15May 15June 4July 16
June 15April 16May 16June 5July 16
June 22April 23May 23June 12July 23
June 27April 28May 28June 17July 30
July 13May 14June 13July 3Aug. 13
July 26May 27June 26July 16Aug. 27
August 2June 3July 3July 23Sept. 4
August 17June 18July 18Aug. 7Sept. 17
August 23June 24July 24Aug. 13Sept. 24
August 24June 25July 25Aug. 14Sept. 24
September 5July 7Aug. 6Aug. 26Oct. 8
September 6July 8Aug. 7Aug. 27Oct. 8
September 13July 15Aug. 14Sept. 3Oct. 15
September 14July 16Aug. 15Sept. 4Oct. 15

How To Prepare For The MCAT

There are numerous approaches to MCAT preparation. You have three options for studying: take an MCAT prep course, work with a private MCAT teacher, or study independently. Whichever approach you choose, it’s crucial to get a head start and develop a study routine that works for you.

The following tips can help you get ready for the MCAT:

  • Learn the format and subject matter of the test. With practice exams and sample questions, the AAMC website offers a plethora of information regarding the MCAT.
  • Establish a study timetable. Make sure you allot adequate time every week to prepare for the MCAT. Remember to incorporate regular breaks and rewards into your schedule to maintain motivation.
  • Make use of top-notch MCAT study resources.MCAT preparation books and internet resources come in a wide variety. Choose materials that are in line with the current MCAT test format and content.
  • Practice often. You will be more prepared for the test the more you practice. Get a feel for the real thing by taking timed practice tests.

How To Register For The MCAT

You can register over the phone or online for the MCAT. The MCAT is offered year-round at test centers around the world.

When Should You Take The MCAT?

You should take the MCAT at least 3 months before you plan to apply to medical school. This will give you enough time to retake the test if necessary.

Latest News

A leading provider of professional training and test preparation, Blueprint Prep is pleased to announce the release of its new AI-powered chatbot, which is intended to assist premed students in getting ready for the notoriously challenging Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) section of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

With this unique new technology, students can now receive personalized guidance as well as assistance as they tackle one of the most difficult sections of the MCAT. Blue, the AI chatbot, is the first of its kind in the market for MCAT test preparation. Through true one-on-one talks, it can offer students individualized feedback on how to approach CARS questions while adjusting in real time to meet their unique learning needs.

Blue was carefully trained by Blueprint’s MCAT experts using OpenAI’s GPT-4 LLM (large language model). It was then put through a rigorous testing process by Blueprint instructors, tutors, and additional content experts before being made available to a set of student beta testers.

“This revolutionary AI tutor is a prime example of how technology can be used to enhance the learning experience and provide students with the tools they need to succeed,” Blueprint CEO and Co-Founder Matt Riley stated. “With Blue, we are bringing cutting-edge technology to the MCAT prep industry, enabling students to prepare smarter, learn faster, and achieve greater results.”

The MCAT is an important part of the medical school application process. By preparing effectively and taking the MCAT early, you can increase your chances of getting accepted into your top-choice medical school.

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