Optima batteries: what you need to know about them

Optima batteries are renowned for being large-capacity, compact batteries. Because it uses Spiralcell AGM technology (rolling lead), this kind of battery has a much longer lifespan than regular batteries. Also, because of their great vibration resistance, they are perfect for use in vehicles. The totally sealed construction of Optima batteries makes them extremely safe and prevents acid release.

There is real substance behind Optima’s Spiralcell Technology since batteries are more about distinctive shapes and vibrant colors. More surface area is provided by the coil-wound construction, which also offers improved resilience to strong vibrations. As a result, the battery can provide more power for a longer period of time. The price of Optima batteries is its main drawback, but for the money, you do receive a lot of cranking power and cutting-edge features.

Optima batteries

Well, in this article, we’ll be looking at optima batteries, nevertheless, we’ll be discussing the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the history of optima batteries?
  • Who Makes Optima Batteries?
  • What are types of optima batteries?
  • Are Optima Batteries Good?
  • What are the pros and cons of optima batteries?

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Ok, let’s get down to business!


What is the history of optima batteries?

Since 1972, Optima Batteries have been in existence. John Devitt and Donald McClelland applied for the business’s first patent for a maintenance-free battery this year. The battery type was initially only intended for use in the maritime and military industries. The SPIRALCELL building was also constructed in the same period. The Gates Rubber Company applied for a second patent on this concept in 1975. With all of the success, Optima soon made a move into the truck and auto industries. In 1987, we as a nation embraced Optima Batteries, the best AGM battery design.

The business changed its name to Optimal Batteries Inc. in 1990. Gates Rubber Company withdrew from the business in 1991. Gylling bought the business the next year, which helped the brand become more well-known. The Denver manufacturing facility was created in 1994. Johnson Controls gained control of the business in 2000 after many years of success. It became one of the brands included under the Clairos umbrella. Even though there have been numerous owners and transitions throughout the years, supporters still adore the Optima Battery brand.

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Who Makes Optima Batteries?

Clarios LLC is the manufacturer of Optima Batteries. This business is renowned for producing powerful batteries for a range of uses. Although the company’s current headquarters are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it has long-standing manufacturing operations in Denver, Colorado. Since 2019, Clairos LLC has been a part of Johnson Controls. This parent company is involved in the manufacturing of HVAC systems and fire-related items.

Johnson Controls was a member of the Fortune 500 and has more than 100,000 employees globally. Other than under the Optima Battery trademarks, Clairos LLC also produces lithium-ion batteries. In the nation, there are 17 facilities, with the lithium-ion facility being situated in Holland, Michigan. The company primarily manufactures prismatic li-ion battery cells for the electronic and automotive industries at these locations.

Read more:  Optima batteries: what you need to know about them

What are the types of optima batteries?

Here are the three types of optima batteries:

  • Optima Red Top
  • Optima Yellow Top
  • Optima Blue Top

Optima Red Top

Optima Red Top

Maximum cranking power is ensured by the Spiralcell Technology in the Optima Red Top battery. Compared to ordinary batteries, it provides cleaner energy and a greater output voltage. Truck, MPV, and 4×4 batteries from Optima Red Top are made to survive use in both on- and off-road situations. They are not only incredibly durable, but they also last almost twice as long as standard lead-acid batteries. It’s perfect for seasonal use; even after 12 months of inactivity at room temperature, a fully charged battery can start a car right away (or lower). Red Top batteries may be put in almost any position, don’t require maintenance, and don’t leak. Moreover, they have 15 times greater resilience to vibration than ordinary lead-acid batteries.

Optima Yellow Top

Optima Yellow Top

A superb AGM battery is the Optima Yellow Top. Regardless of environmental factors such as dampness, heat, filth, extreme vibration, or frequent discharge, it offers continuous power throughout the whole discharge cycle. The energy output of Optima Yellow Top batteries is higher than that of regular lead-acid batteries. The battery’s Optima Spiralcell Technology, which combines the benefits of a starting battery with those of a traction battery, makes it special as well. Also, compared to other maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, the Optima Yellow Top offers more charge and discharge cycles. Last but not least, the battery’s low self-discharge makes it ideal for seasonal use.

Optima Blue Top

Optima blue Top

Because Optima Blue Top batteries are leak-proof, you may install them practically anywhere and in any position in your boat or RV. In the off-season, boat batteries frequently sit unused for several months at a time, losing power. Yet, the Optima BlueTop battery has such a low self-discharge that it can be kept at room temperature or lower for up to a year. Because of their low internal resistance, they can be charged quickly, allowing you to return to the water more quickly.

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Are Optima Batteries Good?

One of the greatest options if you want an AGM battery that is well-made and lasts a long time is an Optima Battery. There are many diverse applications to pick from, and the distinctive construction helps to give a long life. There is definitely an Optima model made for your purpose, whether you need a dependable battery for your family car or you need to power up industrial equipment. Yet, Optima Batteries are more expensive than most. Compared to many other manufacturers at the auto parts store, buying an Optima battery is seen as a bigger investment. You don’t receive a longer warranty with that higher price compared to other providers, thus that additional benefit is also not included. In fact, the guarantee is greatly reduced if you intend to use the battery for business reasons, thus you will be responsible for any faults.

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What are the pros and cons of optima batteries?

Here are the pros and cons of Optima batteries:

Pros of Optima batteries include:

SPIRALCELL Technology included:

The construction and design of Optima Batteries are distinctive. Other automotive batteries do not use the SPIRALCELL technology. The spiral-wound cells in each battery are arranged in a series between two lead plates. Lead oxide is also applied to these plates. One positive plate and one negative plate are present.

You have a company-exclusive micro fiberglass divider between these two surfaces. It holds all of the electrolyte fluid in place and keeps the plates apart. A lower working temperature and stable humidity are ensured with the SPIRALCELL technology, resulting in more dependable performance. This innovative design is not provided by any other battery company. It is hard to compare this benefit because it is exclusive to the Optima Battery brand.

Supreme Power Delivery:

When compared to other varieties, Optima Batteries are designed to provide more power. You’ll notice that the car engine starts up significantly more quickly and with maximum power delivered right away. In fact, the business promises that their automotive batteries have the strongest five-second starting power available. You’ll have a difficult time finding web sources that would argue the opposite.

Longer Life:

You are already aware that the SPIRALCELL technology has a unique design from other possibilities. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that this design offers a longer battery life. Optima batteries are more vibration-resistant than the less expensive alternatives. Also, you can anticipate it lasting nearly twice as long as a typical flooded car battery.

Low Maintenance:

Optima can be the best option if you don’t want to have your car battery maintained. Little to no maintenance is necessary for these AGM batteries. You don’t have to be concerned about fluid topping off or leaks. The only thing you should think about is routinely checking for rust. Also, you should maintain the battery’s charge, which is a requirement for any automotive battery.

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Cons of Optima batteries include:

Battery price:

If there are any concerns regarding Optima batteries, the cost will be one of them. There is no doubt that these batteries will cost more than the majority of others on the market. Yet, if you compare the price to the features you get, you’ll see that it’s still regarded as a good deal. It’s quite difficult to find a battery with this level of strength and longevity for less money.

Short-term warranty:

Customers wish there was a longer warranty period given the product’s endurance and the cost incurred. You are looking at a 12-month warranty at the very least. With how much money you need to spend, this seems insufficiently long. On the plus side, most Optima batteries do not die early, so you most likely won’t need to worry.

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Optima batteries FAQs

Is an OPTIMA battery worth it?

AGM batteries have several advantages, although they are generally more expensive than regular wet cell or gel acid batteries. Nevertheless, Optima batteries are maintenance-free, last two to three times as long, and may be mounted in any position without affecting starting or recharging power.

Which OPTIMA battery is better red or yellow?

Ability to deep cycle. The Yellowtop Optima is preferable to the Redtop for customers with high power needs when continuous charging capability (such as a trickle charger or alternator) is not practical.

How many years will an OPTIMA battery last?

In an application like that, they may expect to see an OPTIMA battery last up to four years. Although someone might only get four years out of a flooded battery in a more temperate climate like San Diego, they might get up to eight years out of an OPTIMA. The performance and lifespan of the batteries are also impacted by how they are utilized.

Why are Optima batteries failing?

AGM batteries, including Optima batteries, could eventually stop working. Using a starting battery in a cycling application—where a deep-cycle battery is a superior option—often results in failures. If you connect a faulty AGM battery to your charger, the charger won’t even attempt to charge it.

What is the benefit of OPTIMA battery?

Deep-cycling battery and OPTIMAL starting power, up to 3x longer service life, 15x more vibration resistance, leakproof, mountable in almost any position, maintenance-free, and more than 300 discharge/recharge cycles are just a few of the advantages of OPTIMA YELLOWTOP® batteries.

What are the benefits of OPTIMA batteries?

Optima conducts electricity more quickly in the absence of contaminants, giving out a significantly higher initial burst of power. The pure lead in Optima’s faster electrical flow also enables it to recharge more quickly and maintain its voltage for longer while it discharges.

What is the best car battery?

Top 5 Best Car Batteries:

  • Optima RedTop: Best Overall.
  • ACDelco Gold: Best for GM Vehicles.
  • Odyssey Performance: Best Service Life.
  • EverStart Maxx: Best Budget Battery.
  • DieHard Platinum AGM: Best Runner Up.

Do I need a special charger for the OPTIMA battery?

One of the most widespread myths concerning OPTIMA batteries is that “special” battery chargers are needed for them. That is simply untrue. The fact is, most battery chargers will operate just fine on OPTIMA cells in most cases.

That is all for this article, where the answers to the following questions have been discussed:

  • What is the history of optima batteries?
  • Who Makes Optima Batteries?
  • What are types of optima batteries?
  • Are Optima Batteries Good?
  • What are the pros and cons of optima batteries?

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