Reasons Why Power Windows are Not Working and easy way Fix it

When you are preparing to park or order food at the drive-through, it can be challenging if your power windows are broken. All car windows used to need to be manually rolled down, but that’s not the case anymore. Power windows are currently present in the majority of contemporary vehicles. This feature expedites the process of getting fresh air, but it can also cause issues if something breaks.

Power windows that break are a great pain, especially if they freeze in the heat or cold. By following these instructions, you can troubleshoot and repair your power windows in a short amount of time.

Reasons Why Power Windows are Not Working and easy way Fix it


Common reasons your power windows are not working

Here are the common problems and repair of power windows;

Broken Window Motor


Each power window additionally includes a motor to power the action in addition to the regulator. A gear that links to the window regulator at the motor’s end allows for smooth operation.

You push the power button on the door to turn on the motor before turning on the regulator. It is this motor that drives the regulator into action. There won’t be any power to operate anything if the motor fails.


Retest after connecting the motor. If the circuit to the motor is operating, but the motor isn’t working, something inside the motor is worn.

In some circumstances, you can turn on the motor by lightly tapping it while holding the switch in place. Replacement is required if that fails.

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Broken Regulator


Each power window requires a regulator to raise and lower it. There is a regulator installed in each door with a power window.

When this window regulator malfunctions, pressing the up or down button will have no effect. The regulator must be changed in order to solve the issue.

Steel cables that make up the regulator are prone to rusting and failure over time. Sometimes the window will become trapped at the bottom of the door when these regulator cables break.


You should properly inspect the regulator

The guide wheels that allow mechanical regulators to travel along the tracks can break. The glass can become stuck if the guide wheels are destroyed.

As a result of the presence of disconnected or kinked cables, cable regulators are simpler to diagnose. You might also examine the regulator’s gearing if the motor is functional and if you don’t notice any damage to the regulator. The gearing in some windows is made of plastic, which is easily torn or broken.

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Malfunctioning Power Window Switch


You anticipate that the window will simply operate when you push the switch on your door to open it. However, this switch may eventually become worn out. The switch loses a little amount of wear with each push, cutting its lifespan by another operation.

You might find that the switch wears down more quickly than you anticipated if you are hard with it or use it frequently. Thankfully, power window switches are one of the simpler and less expensive issues to fix.


You need access to every element of the window for a thorough system check. To achieve this, you must take out the trim panel holding the damaged glass on the inside of the door.

Snap fasteners are used to secure some panels, while screws or bolts are used to secure others. When removing the panel, exercise caution to prevent breaking any fragile components.

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Electrical Wiring Problems


Several cables connect the window switch and the motor. Even though this is one of the less frequent causes of power window failure, you cannot rule out the potential that the wiring is faulty.

It may have occurred occasionally when you were repairing another component of the power window. A wire may have unintentionally been harmed during the replacement. However, until the more typical possibilities are investigated first, you don’t need to look at the wires.

Depending on the automobile model, your car may also have control modules for the power windows that can malfunction. Before beginning to repair any parts, it’s a good idea to check any fuses that may be connected to the power windows in some vehicles.

Another spot where wirings frequently fail is between the body of the automobile and the door. You should inspect these wirings as well.


In place of the motor, plug in your test light. You may also be looking at a position sensor if the connector has more than two wires. In this situation, it’s important to check the schematic to figure out which wires are ground and which ones are giving power before connecting the test light.

Turn your key to the ON position after connecting the test light. Attempt to toggle the switch both ways. If a strong light appears, the motor’s circuit is working. You may have a faulty switch if the light only illuminates in one direction.

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 Bad Weather


You can be sure that the window function might degrade when ice and snowfall. Power windows suffer severe effects from the cold, primarily because the glass tends to stick to the frame.

In some circumstances, even if the window is frozen, the regulator might be powerful enough to remove it from the frame. The regulator will wear out if you try to force the window to move in cold weather because it wasn’t designed for those kinds of conditions.


The windows would work better if the snow and ice were cleared away first and then you gave them time to warm up.

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Dirty Window Tracks


Inside the door, aluminum rails allow the glass window to slide. These rails could become soiled with dirt and road grime over time, or the lubricant that keeps the window operating smoothly could become depleted.


You may try cleaning the window rails first, then using silicone lubricant to lubricate them. Attempt to avoid getting any silicone spray on your paint. If you do, remove it as soon as you can with water.

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Torn, Loose, or Dirty Window Gasket


The window’s gasket aids in window alignment and prevents wind and rain from entering the vehicle. The regulator motor could not be powerful enough to overcome friction and move the window if it is stuck from debris or out of place.


Seals and gaskets can be oiled, cleaned, and replaced as necessary. If you ignore it for too long, water will start to leak into the interior of your automobile.

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How do I fix my power window not working?

Find the fuse for the malfunctioning window motor, and then verify it. Replace the fuse if it has blown. Once the fuse has been replaced, you should continue with the mechanical repair process because a blown fuse may be an indication of a higher power draw caused by a stuck or damaged mechanical component.

What causes the power window to stop working?

One of the most frequent causes of power window problems is when the cable connecting the window regulator and the window break or detach from the pulley. Even though the power window system may appear to be functioning, if the wire is not wound up properly, your window will remain stuck.

How do I know if my power window fuse is blown?

Take the fuse out of the holder. The fuse holder cap may occasionally need to be unscrewed using a tiny screwdriver. Examine the fuse wire. The fuse has to be replaced if there is a clear gap in the wire or if there is a dark or metallic stain inside the glass.

How do I reset my power windows?

Once the window is closed, keep the key depressed for 2 to 5 seconds. Hold the button down for 2 to 5 seconds after your window has completely descended. After pressing the button for a little period of time, let go of it. The window must be reset within 2 seconds on some automobiles. On some, it lasts for 5 seconds.

How do you diagnose a power window problem?

Your best bet will be to test at night with the ignition and headlights on but the engine off. By depressing the power window switch, you will establish an electrical connection with the switch, which will then send power to the motor if you notice a minor dimming of your headlights, dome, or dash lights.

Does each power window have a fuse?

Other cars only have one window affected when a window motor fails because they have separate fuses for each window motor. Although many manufacturers utilize in-line fuses, the fuse in certain cars is located in the main fusebox. Consult your owner’s handbook to locate the fuse and replace it if it is blown.

How do you fix a power fuse?

  • Cut off the fuse box’s primary power source.
  • To find the blown fuse, open the fuse box.
  • Replace the damaged fuse with a new one by unscrewing the old one.

How do I manually run a power window?

Slide the window up by grabbing it between your palms. Slowly raise the window by raising your hands while maintaining strong pressure on the glass with your palms. Try to lift the window a little with your fingers if there isn’t much of it sticking out so that you may place your hands on it.

What makes power windows work?

Most cars’ window lifts use a connection to elevate the window glass while maintaining level height. The window may be raised and lowered thanks to the massive gear reduction made by a small electric motor, a worm gear, and numerous additional spur gears.

Why won’t my power window go up or down?

Simple things like a blown fuse or child safety switch can be the root of the problem. However, a window that won’t rise could be problematic for a more complicated reason, such as a broken window motor or switch that needs expert electric window repair.

That’s all for this article where we discussed the reasons why Power Windows are Not Working and the easy way to Fix it. I hope it was helpful, if so, kindly share. Thanks for reading.