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Praxis II (Subject Assessment Exams for Educators)2023/2024


Praxis II (Subject Assessment Exams for Educators)2023/2024

Ensuring the competence of educators is an essential requirement for maintaining a good learning environment in the dynamic field of education. The Praxis II Subject Assessment Exams for Educators, or Praxis II for short, are an essential part of this procedure that assesses candidates’ knowledge and abilities in order to grant certification as a teacher in the United States.

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) created and administers these standardized tests, which span a wide range of academic fields, methods of instruction, and specialist capabilities, and are an essential indicator of a teacher’s suitability to teach in their chosen field. In addition to serving as a certification tool for instructors, Praxis II examinations can also be used to improve the standard of instruction and, consequently, the education that students get. The purpose of this introduction is to give a general overview of Praxis II and to highlight its importance, reach, and potential effects on the American educational system.

Here is what you need to know about Praxis II (Subject Assessment Exams for Educators):



Exams for Praxis II have various significant purposes:

Subject-matter knowledge assessment

The Praxis II examination gauges a candidate’s breadth of understanding in a particular field, including language arts, science, math, or social studies.

Demonstrating educational skills

Some Praxis II exams, known as Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) tests, assess an educator’s pedagogical knowledge and teaching strategies.

Ensuring the quality of educators

These tests are designed to make sure that those who are going to become teachers are qualified to instruct students.

Exam Categories

The topics covered in Praxis II examinations are extensive and include:

Content knowledge exams

These assess a candidate’s understanding of the subject matter they intend to teach.

PLT exams

They measure the pedagogical knowledge and abilities of teachers by emphasizing classroom management, assessment, and teaching strategies.

Special education exams

These assess an educator’s ability to work with students with disabilities.

Exams for world languages

Designed to help foreign language instructors show that they are proficient in the language that they intend to teach

Test Format

The format of Praxis II exams varies based on the particular exam. Multiple-choice and constructed-response questions, which require brief written responses or essays, are seen in most tests. There may be variations in the number of questions and duration of each exam.


ETS establishes a scale for scoring Praxis II exams. Though state-by-state requirements for passing can differ, most states have a minimum passing score of 150. Both raw scores—the total number of right answers—and scaled scores—adjusted results to take into consideration changes in exam difficulty—may be used in the scoring process.

Exam Preparation

Studying pertinent information, taking practice exams, and using study resources from ETS or other test preparation companies are common ways that test takers get ready for the Praxis II exams. Since state license requirements can vary, it is also crucial to review state-specific standards and criteria.

Registration for Exams

Candidates must set up an ETS account, choose the Praxis II test they wish to take, and pay the exam price in order to register for the exam. There are testing facilities both abroad and across the United States.

State Requirements

It’s crucial to remember that every state could have unique Praxis II exam criteria, including which examinations are required for certification and the required minimum scores. For comprehensive information, candidates should contact the licensing authorities or the state’s Department of Education.

 Exam Fee

Praxis Subject Assessments have a higher, more complicated cost. These fees might be anything between $50 and $199. Most of them have a price tag of $120 to $160.
The cost of a Praxis Subject Assessment will be $120 if it is entirely computer-scored, particularly if it has multiple choice and straightforward alphanumeric responses.

A foreign language subject area test costs $160, while a structured response exam for the Subject Assessment exam costs $146.
There are many Subject Assessment examinations that do not follow the standard $120/$146/$160 praxis test fee structure. The reason for the variation in prices is that certain Subject Assessment tests are more intricate, consisting of several brief subtests that are merged into a single assessment. Increasing their price over the $146 typical computer-based test.

Additional Fees for Praxis Test

Additional fees for other test-related services for Core and Subject Assessment Praxis exams exist. For instance:

  • Changing a test center or test date costs $40
  • Registering for the exam by phone costs $35
  • Sending additional scores beyond the first four free score reports costs $50.
  • To have your exam rescored or reviewed, the fee is $65.

Praxis 2 exam costs differ. The cost of these tests varies and can be anywhere from $50 to $209. Exams containing several subtests, for example, might cost differently if taken individually.

Exam Date

Exam dates for Praxis II are more erratic due to the variety of examinations offered. Certain Praxis II examinations, usually the ones that are most frequently needed, are regularly offered. There are fewer opportunities to take certain Praxis II exams, like specialized exams. Date availability may also change depending on whether the exam is administered remotely or in person. Score report dates are also subject to change; however, score reports for examinations with a picked response are often sent out faster than those for exams with a built response.

Praxis Exam TitleDates Available for Test CenterDates Available for Remote TestingScore Report Date (From Test Date)
Algebra I (5162)About 3 weeks of every monthAvailable for remote testingAbout 1 to 3 weeks
Computer Science (5652)About 1 to 3 weeks of each monthAbout 3 to 4 weeks of each monthAbout 2 to 4 weeks
Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5001)Most days of every month; varies by stateAvailable for remote testingAbout 1 week
French: World Language (5174)About 3 weeks in an 8-month periodAbout 3 weeks in a month periodAbout 3 weeks


Latest News

Legislation to eliminate barriers to teacher certification has recently passed the Assembly and is currently in front of the Senate Education Committee. The bill, A.5419/S.3884, is the latest in a series of astute attempts to eliminate pointless testing that has worsened the state’s teacher shortage. It eliminates the requirement for new teachers to take the Praxis Core Academics Skills for Educators test in order to obtain certification.

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