Quest Bridge National College Match 2023/24

The QuestBridge National College Match is a highly competitive and prestigious scholarship program in the United States. It aims to connect exceptional, high-achieving low-income students with top-tier colleges and universities. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the QuestBridge National College Match program:

Questbridge National College Match dates


Mission and Purpose

QuestBridge was founded with the mission to increase access to higher education for outstanding, low-income students. The National College Match program exemplifies this mission by offering a unique pathway to some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions.

Collaborative Approach

QuestBridge partners with over 40 leading colleges and universities, including Ivy League schools and other elite institutions. These partners commit to providing generous financial aid packages to QuestBridge Scholars, ensuring that financial barriers do not limit their educational opportunities.

Rigorous Selection Process

The National College Match is a highly competitive program with a rigorous selection process. Students must demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, and a strong commitment to their communities.

Full Scholarships

QuestBridge Scholars who are matched with a partner college or university are awarded a full scholarship, which covers tuition, room and board, and other expenses. This eliminates the need for student loans and allows scholars to graduate debt-free.

Diverse Student Cohort

The program actively seeks to include students from diverse backgrounds, recognizing that talent is found in every corner of the United States. QuestBridge Scholars come from various ethnic, socioeconomic, and geographic backgrounds.

College Partners

Partner institutions include renowned colleges such as Stanford University, Yale University, Princeton University, and many others. These institutions actively seek to create a more inclusive and diverse student body through the QuestBridge partnership.

Comprehensive Support

QuestBridge offers comprehensive support to its scholars, including mentorship, resources, and guidance throughout the college application process. This support continues throughout their undergraduate journey.

Non-Binding Commitment

The National College Match is non-binding for students. Scholars are matched with one partner college, but they are not obligated to attend if they have other college options. However, the hope is that they will accept the offer and attend the matched institution.

Quest for Excellence

QuestBridge Scholars are not only academically accomplished but also demonstrate a commitment to making a positive impact in their communities. The program values leadership, resilience, and a strong work ethic.

Expanding Opportunities

Beyond the National College Match, QuestBridge offers other programs and scholarships that connect high-achieving, low-income students with educational opportunities. These include the College Prep Scholars Program and the Quest for Excellence Awards.

Impactful Success Stories

Many QuestBridge Scholars have gone on to achieve remarkable success in various fields, contributing to their communities and society at large.

 QuestBridge Scholars Network

QuestBridge Scholars become part of a vibrant community known as the QuestBridge Scholars Network. This network provides a support system and a sense of belonging throughout their academic journeys.

Application Assistance

QuestBridge helps students navigate the complex college application process. Scholars receive guidance on crafting compelling personal statements, preparing for interviews, and showcasing their accomplishments.

Focus on Low-Income Students

The program is designed for students from low-income backgrounds. QuestBridge actively works to identify and support those who face financial barriers to higher education.

College Match Process

The National College Match process is an intensive and holistic application that includes essays, recommendations, and financial information. QuestBridge matches students with a partner institution based on their preferences and the institutions’ criteria.

Bridge to Elite Institutions

For many students, the National College Match is a bridge to elite institutions that might have otherwise been out of reach. This opens doors to world-class education and opportunities.

Impact on Partner Colleges

Partner colleges benefit from the diversity and talent that QuestBridge Scholars bring to their campuses. These scholars contribute to the academic and social fabric of the institutions.

Alumni Success

QuestBridge alumni often go on to excel in their fields and contribute to their communities. They carry the mission of increasing access to education and promoting social mobility throughout their lives.

Beyond the Match

While the National College Match is the flagship program, QuestBridge offers additional opportunities for students to secure scholarships and support as they pursue their higher education goals.

Ongoing Commitment

QuestBridge’s commitment to its scholars extends beyond college admission. The organization is dedicated to ensuring that scholars succeed academically and personally throughout their college years.

Expanding Access to Excellence

QuestBridge’s work aligns with the belief that providing access to high-quality education for underrepresented and underserved communities is crucial for promoting equity and positive societal change.


The important dates and deadlines for the 2023 National College Match are listed below. All deadlines occur at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.

2023 National College Match
August 1National College Match application opens.Eligible high school seniors
September 26National College Match application is due.Eligible high school seniors
September 27The Match Rankings Form opens for submission. Research our college partners and rank up to 15 schools through the Match Rankings Form, which is available on the student’s Manage page.All applicants
October 12The Match Rankings Form is due. The Match Agreement Form (available after submitting the Match Rankings Form) is also due October 12. It must be signed by the applicant, their parent/guardian, and school counselor, and uploaded to the Manage page.All applicants
October 18Finalist decisions are released on the Manage page.

Finalists who ranked colleges continue with their Match Requirements.

Non-finalists should proceed on their own with college applications.

All applicants
November 1Match Requirements must be submitted to the college partners the student ranked.Finalists who ranked colleges
November 3QuestBridge Regular Decision Form becomes available on the Manage page. Finalists can begin to select colleges they wish to apply to if not matched or if not participating in the Match.All Finalists
December 1Match Day! Match results are released through the Manage page.

Finalists who match are admitted early with a full four-year scholarship to the school they matched with and must withdraw all other applications.

*Finalists who do not match can check their options following the Match for the schools they ranked and/or continue with QuestBridge Regular Decision.

Finalists who ranked colleges
December 10QuestBridge Regular Decision Form is due.Finalists who did not match
January – February 2024 (various deadlines)Additional Regular Decision Requirements must be submitted to each of the colleges the student selected on their QuestBridge Regular Decision Form by the colleges’ Regular Decision deadlines.Finalists participating in QuestBridge Regular Decision
Spring 2024Admissions decisions are sent out by the colleges for QuestBridge Regular Decision applicants.Finalists participating in QuestBridge Regular Decision
Fall 2024Any Finalist who attends a college partner through the Match or QuestBridge Regular Decision joins the QuestBridge Scholars Network.Finalists attending a college partner

In essence, the QuestBridge National College Match program is a catalyst for social mobility and educational access. It not only provides life-changing opportunities for talented, low-income students but also enriches the educational landscape of partner institutions. The impact of this program goes well beyond scholarships; it represents a commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable society by investing in the potential of bright young minds.

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