Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships 2024/25

research training program (rtp) scholarships

Research is essential to the growth of civilization and the search for knowledge. It is the source of advancement, the beating heart of creativity, and the furnace of discovery. Australia has created the Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships, a ray of hope and a chance for individuals who want to make significant contributions to academia and beyond, in order to develop and enable the upcoming generation of researchers.

The RTP Scholarships are a financial lifeline for postgraduate research degree candidates, both domestic and foreign, and they stand for a dedication to research excellence. These scholarships, which are available in a variety of academic fields, are evidence of Australia’s commitment to developing research talent, promoting scholarly inquiry, and igniting innovation.

Here is what you need to know about Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships:


Funding Research Excellence

The primary purpose of RTP Scholarships is to provide financial support to students who demonstrate exceptional research potential. These scholarships aim to attract and retain high-caliber individuals to undertake research in diverse fields, from science and technology to the arts and humanities.

Applicable Levels

RTP Scholarships are typically available to students pursuing higher research degrees, such as Master’s by Research or Ph.D. programs. They are offered across a wide range of disciplines and research areas.


Eligibility criteria for RTP Scholarships vary by institution and are typically competitive. Applicants are often required to have a strong academic record and a well-defined research proposal aligned with the institution’s research priorities.

Who is qualified

You have to:

  • be an international postgraduate research student starting or enrolled, possess a strong record of academic accomplishment, and have the potential to do research (research papers are highly recognized).
  • possess a firm offer of admission or be enrolled in a PhD or master’s program by research at the University of Sydney.

How to apply

Before applying for a postgraduate research degree, beginning students should check the box to be eligible for the RTP scholarship. No more application is needed. You must, however, submit your application for the research degree course by the applicable RTP dates.

Financial Support

RTP Scholarships offer financial support that covers tuition fees and provides a living stipend to recipients. This financial support alleviates the financial burden on students, allowing them to focus on their research without worrying about educational expenses.


The duration of RTP Scholarships can vary, but they are usually provided for the standard duration of the research program. For a Ph.D., this is often three to four years, and for a Master’s by Research, it’s typically one to two years.

International Students

RTP Scholarships are open to both domestic and international students. This inclusivity helps Australia attract top research talent from around the world, contributing to a diverse and dynamic research community.

Research Contribution

Recipients of RTP Scholarships are expected to make meaningful contributions to the research landscape in Australia. They are often encouraged to publish their research findings, collaborate with leading researchers, and engage with the academic and broader community.

Application Process

To apply for an RTP Scholarship, students need to identify an eligible institution and research program, meet the institution’s specific eligibility criteria, and submit a formal application. The selection process is highly competitive, as institutions seek to identify the most promising candidates.

Complementary Scholarships

In addition to RTP Scholarships, many institutions offer additional scholarships and funding opportunities, such as top-up scholarships or grants. These can further enhance a student’s financial support and research experience.

Research Impact

The impact of RTP Scholarships extends beyond the individual recipients. It contributes to the development of a thriving research ecosystem in Australia, fostering innovation, economic growth, and international collaboration.


The annual value of the RTP stipends is $40,109 (2024 rates). The RTP International Scholarship offers tuition fee offsets (i.e., no tuition fees are applicable) as well as a stipend to help with living expenses and international health insurance.

Exam deadline

Domestic Application and award timeline
Scholarship Commencing research periodSubmission deadlineOffers received from
Research Periods 1 and 2, 202416 October 202321 December 2023
Research Periods 3 and 4, 202410 May 202421 June 2024
Research Periods 1 and 2, 202522 October 202413 December 2024
International Application and award timeline
Scholarship Commencing research periodSubmission deadlineOffers received from
Research Periods 1 and 2, 202415 September 202324 November 2023
Research Periods 3 and 4, 202421 December 202323 February 2024
Research Periods 1 and 2, 202513 September 202422 November 2024
Research Periods 3 and 4, 202517 December 2024February 2025 (Estimate)

Deadlines for submissions

The date a student must meet in order to be considered for an offer round is known as the submission deadline.

In order to be eligible for an RTP scholarship, new students must complete the course application by the deadline. By the submission deadline, current HDR students will have to submit an additional application. In order to be considered for the next international or domestic round, current students must refer to the applicable submission deadline, whether it be domestic or international. For instance, in order to receive a response in February 2024, currently enrolled international students must submit their documentation by December 21, 2023.

As part of your admissions application, if you are a prospective student and have chosen to be considered for an RTP scholarship, please make sure you submit all required documentation by the deadline. For instance, you must finish your submission by December 21, 2023, if you want to start research period 1 or period 2 of 2024 and receive the results of your RTP scholarship in February 2024. Your scholarship application may be taken into consideration for the next international round in November 2024 if it is submitted after December 21, 2023.

Latest News

For example, the Australian government grants over a thousand scholarships worth $15,000 per year through its Destination Australia program. The Australian Government’s Research Training Program (RTP) scholarship, the Bond University Transformer scholarship, and other scholarships are among them.

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