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Safety precautions in arc welding operation

Today I will be discussing on Safety precautions in arc welding. Previous, I enlighten on the meaning of arc welding and its applications, check out.

Safety in arc welding

Safety precautions in arc welding

  • Personal Protective clothing
  • Environmental safety
  • Operation and equipment safety

Personal protective safety

This safety is for the operators to protect their body from heat, flames and sparks produce during the operation. An arc welding operator is expected to completely wear protective clothing such as, long sleeve jacket (apron), heavy leather gloves, helmet with dark face plate, and booth. The shielded metal arc welding type seem to produce brighter lights, causing arc eye and skin irritation. That is why all operators are expected to cover all part of their skin before welding. Modern welders seem protected and free from ultraviolent light, as the new element production are auto darkened. It features a liquid crystal-type face plate that self-darkens upon exposure of high amounts of ultraviolent light. Safety booth thick enough to avoid oxides or sparks to penetrate into the welder’s leg.

Personal protective safety

Environmental safety

Arc welding should be carried out in a well-ventilated area, due to the dangerous gases produce during welding. It causes the surrounding air to breakdown. Proper ventilation is necessary to protect the welders from these hazardous gases. There should be enough natural air entering into the workplace in order to push out these gases. The environment should be wise and big enough with spaces with located walkways, escape route, store, etc. The ground should be free from dirt, oil, grease and water. All tools and equipment should be kept in the right place and jobs should kept away from walkways.

Safety in arc welding workshop

Operation and equipment safety

Arc welding operation should be performed in a covered place avoiding the ultraviolent light to be expose to people passing by. The welding power source should be kept away from sun, water, grease and oil. The welding machine should not be bridge, using the wrong power source for right machine. All switch should be in order and be performing fine.

Safety precautions in arc welding

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