Shandong University Freshman Scholarships 23/24

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Setting off on a life-changing path to higher education is an important milestone, and at Shandong University, we value creating a welcoming, international community of researchers. We are pleased to provide our Freshman Scholarships, which are only available to incoming overseas students, in order to help with this. These scholarships are proof of our dedication to cultural diversity, academic success, and the advancement of people with extraordinary potential. These scholarships act as rays of hope as you enter Shandong University’s dynamic academic environment, providing access to top-notch instruction and laying the path for a bright future.

Here is what you need to know about Shandong University Freshman Scholarships 23/24:


Academic Excellence Scholarship

Outstanding international students who have excelled academically in their prior courses are given this distinguished grant. The Academic Excellence Scholarship recipients have a strong dedication to studying and have the potential to make important contributions to their field of study. In addition to paying for tuition, the scholarship might also come with a living allowance.

Scholarship in Leadership and Innovation

Innovative ideas and leadership are highly valued at Shandong University. Students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities, a dedication to community service, and the ability to think creatively are awarded the Leadership and Innovation Scholarship. This fellowship honors people who have the potential to lead and innovate in the future. Recipients may have access to leadership development opportunities and mentoring programs in addition to financial help.

Scholarship for Cultural Exchange Ambassadors

Recognizing the value of intercultural dialogue and global awareness, Shandong University invites its students to take on the role of cultural exchange ambassadors. Students who actively support the development of intercultural understanding and communication within the university community are eligible to apply for the Cultural Exchange Ambassador Scholarship. In addition to paying for tuition, this scholarship offers chances for exchange and cultural immersion.

Future International Research Grants

Shandong University is committed to using cutting-edge research to address global concerns. Students who have a strong desire to address urgent global issues are the target audience for the Future Global Challenges Research Grant. Beneficiaries of this funding will be able to work on research initiatives that help solve problems including sustainable development, public health, and climate change.

Procedure for Application

Upon submitting an application for admission to Shandong University, prospective overseas students will be immediately considered for these scholarships based on their leadership abilities, academic accomplishments, and other pertinent factors. To improve their chances of receiving a scholarship, applicants should emphasize their accomplishments and goals in their admissions packages.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD
  • Institution: Shandong University
  • Study in: China
  • Scholarship Duration: The duration of the scholarship is equivalent to the duration of the study, and is specified in the admission letter.
  • Deadline: March 31, 2023

Latest News

For overseas students, the Shandong University Scholarship 2023–2024 is fully financed. For both Bachelor’s and Master’s students, this scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition plus a monthly stipend of 700 RMB.

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