Slotter machine parts and their functions

So far on this topic slotter machine, which was one of the oldest among the machine tools. Today we’ll we look at the major parts of slotter machine and their functions.

Slotter machine parts:

The followings are the components of slotter machines and their functions:


Base is a rigid component on a slotter machine which takes the entire load of the machine while operating. It is made of cast iron and its contains guideways perpendicular to the column face is accurately finished. This allows the saddle to easily and accurately move.

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Column is a vertical and integral rigid part made of cast iron, it serves as a housing to the feeding mechanism of the table. it also houses the driving mechanism of the ram, which reciprocates on its front vertical face. The column also played an important role as it moves on guideways on the base to provide a longitudinal feed of the table. This longitudinal feed may be given either manually or by power.


The component of a slotter machine is mounted on the guideways of the saddle, allowing a cross-feeding to be achieved on the table. it also allows the arrangement of the cross-feeding either by power or manually.

Circular Table or Rotating Table:

This part is design to rotate on cross-slide in order to provide circular feeding to the work. It can hold the work by clamping, using fixtures, fixing vice, etc. however, the table may be graduated in degrees for indexing on some machine.

Here are work holding device that can be on slotter machine table:

  • T bolts and step block
  • Clamps
  • Vice
  • Parallel strips
  • Chuck
  • Special fixtures for holding
  • Adjustable block etc.

Ram and Tool Head:

The ram slides on the guideways mounted on the front vertical face of the column and it provides a slot for changing the position of the stroke. The tool the mounted to the ram at the bottom-end of the tool head.

Ram Drive:

This slotter machine part produces circular motion of the motor to the reciprocating motion of the ram in a vertical plane. The arrangement of slower speed is also provided during the cutting or forward stroke and greater speed during the return stroke. this help to reduce the idle time.

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Feed Drive:

This slotting machine part produce the arrangement of longitudinal and cross-feed of the table either manually or by power. It also provides the arrangement of circular or rotary feeding of the table on a vertical axis. The intermittent feeding of the table is supplied at the beginning of each cutting or forward stroke of the ram.

That’s for this article, parts of a slotter machine and their functions. I hope the find it interesting, if so, kindly comment and share. Thanks!


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