Three stages of heat treatment process

3 Stages of Heat Treatment Process

The different stages of the heat treatment process are levels in which a metal must undergo during the process in order to achieve the desired properties. In my previous article, I enlighten you on the treatment of metals, and their advantages, and disadvantages. Today you’ll have knowledge of the three stages of heat treatment. 

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Three stages of heat treatment process


Three stages of heat treatment

The stages of the heat treatment process include heating, soaking, and cooling.


Heating is the first stage in a heat-treating process. It is done to change the structure of alloys when heated to some specific temperature. The alloy is said to be at room temperature either by a solid solution, a mechanical mixture, or a combination of both. In a solid solution, two or more metals are used on each other to form a solution without showing their elements even when checked with a microscope. While in the mechanical mixture, the elements and compounds are clearly visible and compacted by a matrix of base metal.

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Soaking is the stage at which the complete part of the heated metal completely changes its structure. The mass of the metal will determine the time it will be soaked. In other words, soaking is when a part of metal evenly becomes red due to it being subjected to heat for some time.


The third stage of heat treatment is cooling. It also changes the structure of the soaked metal from one chemical composition to another due to the way it is been cooled either by quenching or by still air.

None of the three stages of heat treatment can be left aside. The heating stage helps in changing the structure of the metal from room temperature until it completely reaches the soaking stage which is when the metal evenly becomes red. The cooling stage is the stage at which the metal completely changes to its new properties due to the cooling process.

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Watch the video to learn how heat treatment is performed, describing heating, soaking, and cooling.

That is all for this article, where the various stages of heat treatment are discussed. I hope you got a lot from the reading, if so, kindly share it with other students. Thanks for reading, see you next time!


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