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Suicide Prevention Tips

Suicide rarely happens without warning. As a peer, you may be in the best position to recognize when a friend might need help and help them get it. You may see signs in person, hear about them secondhand, or see them online on social media. Never ignore these signs. While suicide is typically associated with the pain of mental illness (in particular depression and associated feelings of helplessness and hopelessness), there are sometimes specific situations that trigger suicidal actions such as breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, failing in school, being bullied, or experiencing abuse, loss or other trauma. It is important to learn these warning signs and what to do if you see any of them in yourself or a friend.

Suicide Prevention Tips

Suicide is preventable. By listening, talking, and acting you could save a life. In the majority of cases, people who are feeling suicidal are dealing with conditions that will pass in time if only they can get the help that they need. In the meantime, there is much that friends and family members can do to help people who are depressed or contemplating suicide.

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Well, in that article we’ll be talking about Suicide Prevention Tips whereby we’ll be taking a good look at the following content:


Tips for suicide prevention

The following are some tips should be noted for suicide prevention:

  • Observe the Signs
  • Do not Neglect Their Emotions
  • Consider suicide as a cry for assistance
  • Be an Effective Hearer
  • Encouragement to Seek Assistance
  • Ask Them About Suicidal Thoughts
  • Do Not Isolate Them
  • Encourage them to Consult a Specialist
  • Be Aware That Secrets Can Be Deadly

Observe the Signs

The first step in prevention is learning how to spot the suicide warning signals, which can include:

  • Crazy mood swings
  • A sense of helplessness
  • Affecting a donation
  • Losing passion for activities
  • Discussing a death or a suicide
  • Farewelling relatives and friends
  • By claiming they are a burden
  • Withdrawal from family and friends

Any threat or attempt at suicide should be treated seriously because suicide is a serious problem. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that over 47,000 suicides occurred in 2017. The Suicide Prevention Resource Center, a nonprofit organization, suggests the following suicide prevention strategies.

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Do not Neglect Their Emotions

Suicide Prevention Tips

Even though you might believe that their issues are not severe enough to justify suicidal ideas or actions, what matters is how serious they feel they are. Suicide could seem like a viable option in their minds if they believe it to be important.
Most essential, never ignore threats or mention of suicide. You should always take a person seriously if they make comments that seem to suggest that they are despondent or considering suicide.

Consider suicide as a cry for assistance

Suicide attempts are not always an indication that a person wants to pass away. Instead, it is a sign that they are experiencing severe emotional anguish yet are unsure of how to handle it. Their only exit from a predicament they do not know how to handle appears to be suicide. However, if they are still alive, they are urgently looking for a means to avoid dying, and trying suicide can be their way of reaching out and asking for assistance.

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Be an Effective Hearer

The terrible pressure that can lead to a suicide attempt can be greatly reduced by being able to talk with a caring friend and unburden yourself of your problems. The ability to listen well does not require any particular abilities. Be receptive and patient, but refrain from arguing or attempting to provide easy fixes.

Do not respond with “Have you tried X, Y, or Z?” questions that highlight quick “fixes.” Such efforts could come across as impolite and seem to minimize what a person is going through. Simply being present will convey your concern.

Encouragement to Seek Assistance

Why Do People Die By Suicide?

Despite the fact that some suicides may appear to occur out of nowhere, it is extremely likely that the person has been depressed for a very long time. Working to eliminate the stigma surrounding depression and encouraging those who are suffering to obtain the aid they require immediately can help save lives by addressing the issue before it becomes too serious.

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Ask Them About Suicidal Thoughts

Although you might be reluctant to discuss suicide for fear of giving them ideas, the truth is that such sentiments and thoughts exist regardless of what you may say. By broaching the subject, you are actually offering them a chance to open up to you and accept your assistance.

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Do Not Isolate Them

Do not leave them alone if they seem to be in immediate danger of injuring themselves. Take action to remove them from any resources they could use to harm themselves, such as drugs or firearms. If assistance is required, dial 911 or another emergency number, or offer to drive them to the hospital.

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Encourage them to Consult a Specialist

Suicide Prevention Tips

Encourage them to schedule a consultation with a mental health expert even if it might take some time and persistence. Once they have scheduled the appointment, stay in touch with them to motivate them to keep their scheduled visits and complete their treatment regimens. You can also contact mental health groups for more information.

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Be Aware That Secrets Can Be Deadly

Be aware that you could have to break your pledge if the individual requests that you keep it a secret in order to assist them. Keeping a commitment that results in your friend or loved one committing suicide is preferable to having them still alive and furious with you.

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