Symptoms Of a Bad AC Pressure Switch

The Air conditioning system in a car is actually a pretty complex system and it works based on 2 basic principles.  First, the compressor absorbs the refrigerant in the gas form from the gas tank and compresses it at high pressure. The compressor is connected to the engine via a high-pressure connection. The refrigerant heats up during compression and is then forced to the condenser, which is near the radiator in the front of the automobile and has its own fan. Due to the high-pressure heat dissipation in the condenser, the refrigerant changes to a liquid state and switches to an expansion valve.

Second, the pressure abruptly drops at the expansion valve, causing the refrigerant to evaporate and go to the evaporator. Here, it absorbs heat from its surroundings, causing the temperature to decline. The blower will blow cold air into the surrounding area. Evaporator wind can be external (for exterior cooling), cabin wind, or a combination of both. The most common indication of a bad AC pressure switch is a malfunctioning or erratic AC system. The majority of the time, you’ll notice this on hot days when your car’s vents aren’t blowing any cool air.

Well, in this article, I’ll be discussing the symptoms of a bad AC pressure switch.


What are the symptoms of a bad AC pressure switch?

symptoms of a bad ac pressure switch

When The Compressor Fluctuates

The first sign that can determine whether an AC pressure switch is defective. A car’s air conditioning system operates automatically and shuts off when it reaches a particular pressure. But if an a/c pressure switch is broken, you can notice that it fluctuates or turns on and off frequently. When the automobile is idle, you may quickly detect this by looking at the RPM and seeing how frequently it changes. It is one of the typical AC pressure switch symptoms that you can initially identify.

Air conditioning stops working

What could be worse than sporadic air conditioning? What happens if it never works again? The refrigerant pressure switch sensor may be broken if your air conditioner doesn’t turn on. The air conditioning system is made up of numerous parts, thus your issue could be completely different.

Warm Air is Blowing

You expect to feel chilly air flood out as you put on the air conditioner. Warm air can be all you get if the AC pressure switch breaks, though.  Low refrigerant levels, though, are also a contributing factor to this issue and should be periodically monitored.

Strange Air Conditioning System Noises

You’ll notice some strange vibrations if the compressor is switching on and off. The clicking sound will be similar to that made when the compressor regularly turns on, but there won’t be any airflow. When you flip the switch, the compressor goes on and off; look out for the unique clicking sounds that indicate this.

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Poor refrigerant pressure control in the air conditioning system is indicated by the erratic performance of the air conditioning system, potential compressor damage, insufficient cooling, and an illuminated AC warning sign, all of which are symptoms of a defective AC pressure switch.

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