Symptoms of a bad Intake Manifold Gasket

Symptoms Of A Bad Intake Manifold Gasket

The engine block and the intake manifold are separated by an intake manifold gasket or intake gasket. These intake gaskets stop the leakage of engine gas and may also separate the coolant’s gas from the engine. Intake manifold gasket failure can result in a loss of fuel efficiency, engine overheating, and other severe issues. But how will you be able to tell that the gasket has gone bad? Well, let’s find out!


Symptoms Of a Bad Intake Manifold Gasket

Symptoms of a bad Intake Manifold Gasket


Poor Engine Performance

If the intake manifold begins to leak, air and coolant and coolant will be lost as a result. These two things have the potential to impair performance. While it’s unlikely that you won’t be able to start your car or that it won’t run at all, you might experience decreased acceleration and fuel efficiency.

The main worry is that if coolant and oil mix, neither the coolant’s performance nor the oil’s ability to function properly will be preserved. This could result in costly damages and excessive wear on several components. If the intake leak is serious enough, the coolant may overflow into the cylinder and cause your engine to hydro lock, making it unable to turn over.

Smokes Coming From Exhaust

You won’t be able to see what’s going on within your intake manifold without disassembling the engine. At that time, whether or not they were leaking, you should replace the intake manifold gaskets. Knowing how to solve this issue without disassembling anything thus becomes essential. One simple approach is to start your car and check the exhaust. Your engine is burning coolant if there is an excessive amount of white smoke coming from the exhaust.

Coolant In The Oil Pan

When you notice coolant in your oil pan, there’s a big chance that you have a bad intake manifold gasket. Sadly, this is one of the more major problems. Not only are you losing out on the coolant’s cooling abilities, but you are also losing out on the oil’s lubricating abilities.

When these two issues are present together, a car may need significant repairs before it can be put back on the road. If you find coolant in the oil pan, make sure to get your car to the technician as soon as possible. It’s easy to identify this situation because when you check the oil level on the dipstick, the coolant in the oil pan will appear milky.

Visible Coolant Leak

Coolant may seep into a few areas if the intake manifold gasket is leaking. It can either enter the combustion chamber and cause excessive smoke, or it can mix with the oil and cause cooling in the oil reservoir.

If this is the case, you’ll notice a lot of smoke emanating from the top of your engine if the coolant burns off before it reaches the ground. Or maybe there is a coolant leak that is visible on the ground underneath your car. In either case, the issue will be solved if you can trace the leak to the intake manifold.

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Engine Overheating

It makes sense that if the coolant fails to operate properly, your engine could overheat since the coolant’s job is to keep your engine from overheating. This won’t happen right away, but it typically does when the coolant levels go low. But there’s an increased chance that the coolant leak could be coming from the intake manifold if you have an overheating engine and can’t identify the cause.


To sum things up, you being able to identify the signs of a bad intake manifold gasket, plays an important role in maintaining your engine performance, and also preventing problems with the air intake and fuel economy. Thus, make an effort to comprehend each of the already discussed symptoms and identify them as soon as you start to notice one or more of them.


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