Many sensors and computers are built into modern cars to precisely and automatically control the most basic functions. These days, almost all cars have an accelerator pedal position sensor and a sensor called the TPS. These sensors are accurate devices that identify the accelerator pedal’s location, as their name suggests. But, what happens when this component fails? Well, let’s find out!


Symptoms Of Bad Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor

Symptoms Of Bad Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor

Car Doesn’t Move When The Pedal Is Pressed

It is simple to identify this symptom. Every owner eventually learns how to manipulate the gas pedal in their vehicle. Your accelerator pedal sensor may be faulty if you sense difficulty in your vehicle to accelerate. Since a faulty pedal signal might be fatal, it is recommended to pull over and contact a mechanic right away in this situation.

Rough Idle

A car engine should run at between 600 and 700 revolutions per minute. The engine idles smoothly, without shaking, and uses less fuel at these RPMs. If there are no issues with the fuel mixture and your automobile is not idling smoothly, an issue with the accelerator pedal sensor may be the cause.

Issues with Acceleration

Your accelerator pedal sensor is not able to send out positioning signals accurately if your car can only accelerate to a specific point and won’t go any faster. This prevents your car from going faster when you push the gas pedal.

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Shifting Issues

The car’s automatic transmission computer will receive inaccurate signals if the accelerator pedal sensor isn’t functioning properly. Sometimes depressing the pedal will result in delayed signals or a burst of different signals, which the computer in your automobile tries to gather and utilize to modify the combination of signals.

Fuel Consumption

A drop or rise in fuel efficiency is a common symptom of a faulty accelerator pedal position sensor. The engine may receive too much or too little fuel as a result of an incorrect signal being sent to the engine control module by a failed pedal position sensor. Fuel consumption will be poor (or better) as a result.

Check Engine Light

A monitoring system that covers every sensor in the car engine is a feature of modern automobiles. The engine control unit will activate the check engine light if it believes that one of these sensors is faulty and is sending out the incorrect signal. Using a car scan tool, you should check the trouble codes if your check engine light is on.


You don’t want the accelerator pedal to give the incorrect signal to the throttle body, therefore treat a malfunctioning accelerator position sensor seriously and fix it as soon as possible.

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