Symptoms of Blend Door Actuator

Symptoms of Blend Door Actuator

The blend door actuator in your car is a little HVAC motor that controls the climate control system along with the temperature sensors in your car. The signal goes through the blend door actuator each time you turn the dial to send warm or cool air out. The air’s source is regulated by the actuator […]

List of best electric heaters

best electric heaters

Portable electric heaters, also referred to as a space heaters, are viable option as gas prices rise. They can be cost-effective when used properly and with judicious thermostat use, especially for heating bedrooms and for sporadic use in the coldest areas of the house. According to Rob Bennett, technical service manager at Pimlico Plumbers, “if […]

List of best space heaters

best space heaters

During the cold seasons, one of the best space heaters can keep you warm. Space heaters are an excellent investment if you want to reduce your energy use. Instead of heating the entire house, they let you direct the heat to a single room. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate […]

AC Low-side pressure too high: causes and how to fix 

What can cause the AC low-side pressure to get too high? Auto air conditioning systems commonly experience high-pressure buildup on the low side. However, it’s a circumstance you want to avoid, especially in the hot summer. When the AC pressure is too high, the temperature rises to a point where it is uncomfortable on a […]

Understanding blend door actuator

blend door actuator

The blend door actuator does play a very vital role in the A/C and heating systems. It aids in regulating the temperature and airflow in the main cabin of your car. The actuator receives power when the driver turns the temperature lever or knob on the dash, which causes the device to move the blend […]

Car AC smells like vinegar (causes and how to get rid of it)

Car AC smells like vinegar (causes and how to get rid of it)

Does your car AC smell like vinegar? Trapped moisture, which can result from overusing or underusing your car, is the main cause of your car vents smelling like vinegar. Dealing with the issue more quickly and effectively depends on identifying the precise causes of this unusual smell. The presence of mold or germs, broken drain […]

AC compressor clutch not engaging (causes and how to fix it) 

AC compressor clutch not engaging

If your AC compressor clutch is not engaging, it could be the result of other faulty parts. However, power is sent to the magnetic coil of the A/C compressor clutch when the vehicle’s A/C system is required to start up. By drawing the clutch’s drive plate forward, where it meshes with the clutch body and […]

Understanding AC pressure switch

AC pressure switch

The AC pressure switch keeps track of the high pressure level in the A/C loop and turns on or off the compressor based on two pressure thresholds. The cooling fan is controlled by a separate circuit that secures the condensation process by forcing air through the condenser. On the high-pressure side of the loop is […]

How much does an AC recharge cost?

How much does it cost to recharge the car's AC system?

If there isn’t enough refrigerant or pressure in the lines, your car’s air conditioning system will shut down on its own. This will prevent further harm from happening. Driving without air conditioning is completely safe, but doing so for a long time may cause the compressor to seize from lack of use, increasing the cost […]

Everything you need to know about AC condenser

Air conditioning condenser

There are several parts that make up an automobile’s air conditioning system. Each component plays a specific role and is connected to the others. The condenser is a crucial part of a car’s air conditioning system. If a condenser is damaged, refrigerant leaks out, which causes the air conditioning system to stop working. A damaged […]