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  • Various types of energy and their examples

    Various types of energy and their examples

    There are different types of energy that can be transformed into other sorts of energy. Energy types are categorized into two basic forms which include Kinetic and Potential. The law of conservation stated that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed from one type of energy to another. This is…

  • Understanding buoyancy

    Understanding buoyancy

    Have you ever experienced you feeling lighter when swimming in the pool or a bucket feels lighter when drawing water from a well? If you do, buoyancy occurs during those events. In buoyancy, when immersed in water or any source of fluid, a body experiences a force from the downward direction opposite to the direction…

  • Understanding Archimedes principle

    Understanding Archimedes principle

    Archimedes discovered the buoyancy principle, which is used in various applications including ships.  It allows them to float when the weight of the water displaces equals the weight of the ship. Anything shaped to displace its own weight of water before it reaches the point where it will submerge will surely float. Today you’ll get…