Idler Pulley Noise: Causes, Fixes, and Replacement Cost

idler pulley noise

An automobile engine is made up of drive belts or serpentine belts that power numerous accessories such as the power steering pump, A/C compressor, water pump, and alternator. It is critical, however, that the belts do not interfere with other components or belts adjacent. An idler tensioner pulley is utilized to guide the drive belts […]

Diagnosing Common Engine Noises: Why you shouldn’t Ignore any

engine noises

Every car has its unique set of noises. As the driver, you become accustomed to these noises and recognize that they do not indicate a problem. However, if those noises begin to change, it is more likely that something is wrong with the way your car runs. While it could be something absolutely simple, if […]

Engine Knocking: What is it and what could be the cause of it

Engine knocking

Everyone may agree that cars can create strange noises. It could be a screech, a clang, or even a rumbling and roar. If the sound is more akin to a “knock,” you may be dealing with issues under the hood—issues that, if left unaddressed, could cause engine damage.Well, in this article, the answers to the […]

Things you need to know about Driveshaft


Driveshafts are sometimes referred to as the “backbone” of a car since they are crucial in getting power from the engine to the wheels. The driveshaft, which is a vital part of the powertrain, enables flawless torque transmission and guarantees a regulated and comfortable driving experience. The driveshaft is prone to wear and failure over […]

Windshield wipers squeaking: possible causes and how to stop it

Windshield wipers squeaking

When you get behind the wheel, you hope for a calm and enjoyable trip. However, if it’s raining and you have squeaking windshield wipers, it may rapidly become a nightmare. Your windshield wipers may cause annoyance or even distraction with each use due to their piercing shriek. Although there are many possible causes of squeaking, […]