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  • How to Patch a Tire

    How to Patch a Tire

    We frequently utilize Slime tire sealant (stops flats for 2 years!) when flat tires happen on our riding lawnmowers, tractors, trailers, ATVs/UTVs, dirt bikes, wheelbarrows, and other non-highway tires. Nevertheless, some cuts and gashes are too big for sealant to fill, therefore you must patch your tire. Have you ever had a nail, screw, or…

  • How to Use a Gas Station Air Pump

    How to Use a Gas Station Air Pump

    You may always pull into the gas station to utilize the air pump if your automobile tires need a little air. However, you might be unsure of how to correctly fill your tires or you might not know how to operate the air pump at a gas station. For maximum vehicle performance, safety, and fuel…