Understanding automotive braking system

components of automotive braking system

The automotive system will have been a killing instrument if not for the braking system designed for it. Braking systems have been in existence ever since the first design of automobiles. The system inhibits motion by absorbing energy from a moving system. Over the years, the advancement of technology has brought different designs and types […]

Everything you need to know about timing belt or chain

timing belt

Two engine components are interconnected with a timing belt, which is also known as a timing chain, or cambelt. The part synchronizes the rotation of an engine crankshaft and camshaft in order to open and close the engine’s valve at the proper timing to ensure unobstructed combustion. Now you can see the essence of a […]

Difference between drive belt and timing belt

drive belt components

With the article covering both the drive belt and timing belt, we saw they are related, which made us drop their differences. The two are made of the same material and they use to drive different components in internal combustion engines. Their designs are quite different since their position in the engine is not the […]

Things you need to know about a drive belt

drive belt definition, functions, working,

In an automotive engine, a drive belt also known as a serpentine belt is used to drive various engine components. These components might include a power steering pump, alternator, water pump, air conditioning compressor, etc. The belt is often placed on an idler pulley which serves as a guide or a belt tensioner. This is […]

Understanding Radiator Pressure Cap

fairly used radiator cap

Radiator cap despite how small, its design is so functional and adds good benefit to the working of an engine cooling system. You, reading this article you’re expected to have knowledge of how automotive cooling system works. If you don’t, we’ve got you covered in a fresh post that you should check out. Most drivers […]

Understanding battery used in automobiles

internal components of a battery

As automotive engines require electrical power to rotate their starter motor, the battery must be employed. it is a rechargeable battery that is used to supply electrical current to a vehicle’s electrical components. apart from starting the engine, it’s one of the major components of an automobile charging system, as it stores currently for further […]

Understanding Mechanical Bearing


In the production and engineering world where machines are vastly used, a bearing is a mechanical component that is almost inevitable. The term is derived from the verb “to bear”. Bearings are found in all sorts of machines, but they mostly do their work in the subsurface. The mechanical component confines relative motion between two […]

Understanding Engine Oil Pump

engines oil pump

Surprisingly, the circulation of oil in an internal combustion engine is achieved by the oil pump. The oil pump is a part of an engine lubrication system that pumps oil under pressure. It pumps oil from the sump through the galleries to the rotating bearing, the sliding pistons, and the camshaft of the engine. The […]

Understanding the working of flywheel          

flywheel component

A flywheel is one of the most important components of an automobile engine. It’s a mechanical device that is specifically designed for storing rotational energy (kinetic energy). It’s proportional to the square of its rotational speed and mass. What is a flywheel? A flywheel as a weighty wheel requires enough force to rotate on its […]

Working and effectiveness of a propeller shaft

working of a propeller shaft

A propeller shaft is a component in automobile engines that transmit power from the gearbox to the differential. it is also used in a boat and flying machine. The shaft is also known as a driveshaft, driving shaft, tail shaft, or even Cardan shaft. What is a Propeller Shaft? Propeller shafts are also said to […]