Symptoms of a bad Serpentine Belt

Symptoms of a bad Serpentine Belt

A drive belt that powers many components in the engine of a car is called a serpentine belt, sometimes known as a poly-v or multi-rib belt. It gets its name from the fact that it is usually fashioned like a snake, reinforced with fiberglass cords, and composed of rubber. Most cars have a serpentine belt […]

Understanding flat belt pulley

flat drive belt system

In transmission systems, flat belt pulleys are suitable. Flat belts power these, which run at high speeds and are utilized in low-power applications such as textiles, papermaking, computer printers, and conveyors. The flat belt is less expensive than the serpentine belt pulley’s belt. Flat belts do not require a grooved flat belt pulley because they […]

Different types of Chain Drive

Chain Drive types

Chain drives are perfect for small center distances and can be used up to 3 meters in most circumstances, but up to 8 meters in extreme cases. Chain drives may transmit up to 100 kW of power and have a peripheral velocity of up to 15 m/s. It’s possible to have an 8:1 velocity ratio. […]

Everything you need to know about fasteners

bolt and nut fasteners

Today in industries, appliances of any materials are often joined using fasteners so that clean and strong joints can be produced. Other alternative methods of material joining include welding, soldering, brazing, gluing, etc. will permanently join material. This is why most fasteners serve better as the joint can be removed and dismantled without damaging the […]

Everything you need to know about pulley and belt

In one way or another other power must be transferred from one source of energy to another in a mechanical device, the most common and cheapest form is to use a belt and pulley. This power is either gotten from an electrical or mechanical generator to transfer a rotational motion to the application. Pulley is […]

Everything you need to know about timing belt or chain

timing belt

Two engine components are interconnected with a timing belt, which is also known as a timing chain, or cambelt. The part synchronizes the rotation of an engine crankshaft and camshaft in order to open and close the engine’s valve at the proper timing to ensure unobstructed combustion. Now you can see the essence of a […]

Difference between drive belt and timing belt

drive belt components

With the article covering both the drive belt and timing belt, we saw they are related, which made us drop their differences. The two are made of the same material and they use to drive different components in internal combustion engines. Their designs are quite different since their position in the engine is not the […]

Things you need to know about a drive belt

drive belt definition, functions, working,

In an automotive engine, a drive belt also known as a serpentine belt is used to drive various engine components. These components might include a power steering pump, alternator, water pump, air conditioning compressor, etc. The belt is often placed on an idler pulley which serves as a guide or a belt tensioner. This is […]