Understanding blower motor resistor 

Things you need to know about blower motor resistor 

The fan in a car’s heating and air conditioning system is driven by a blower motor. Corrosion or overheating can cause a blower motor resistor to fail. The blower motor resistor can occasionally become overheated and suffer early damage as a result of the mechanical resistance to the motor rotation. It becomes more challenging or […]

Different types of turbine

impulse turbine and reaction turbine

With the vast majority of energy generation and fluid delivery, a turbine is of different types serving the same purpose in various applications. It is a device that harnesses the kinetic energy of some fluid such as water, steam, air, or combustion gases. It turns it into the rotational motion of the device itself. The […]

Everything you need to know about electrical power transmission and distribution system

electrical power transmission and distribution system

In our life today, we require electricity so we can survive, that is, it’s part of the basic need of humans. Understanding the electrical power transmission and distribution system is something broad which is what you’ll be learning here today. An electric power transmission system is a means of transmitting power from a generating source […]

Understanding car electrical system

charging system components

In automobiles, especially the modern ones, varieties of parts are electronics and operate electrically. Well, charging systems are the basic electrical system in a vehicle which include an alternator, battery, and voltage regulator. These components are a source of power to other electrical components in the vehicle. Although voltage regulators are included in the alternator […]

Everything you need to know about fuse

cartriage fuse

Widely in electrical engineering and electronics, a fuse serves as an electrical safety device that protects electrical appliances like refrigerators, televisions, computers, etc. from damage by high voltage. A fuse is often applied to the socket of these appliances so that any overcurrent will be stopped before entering the device. A fuse can be said […]

Understand the various types of relays

types of relays

The protection and switching of numerous control systems and other electrical elements depend on relays. To open or close the contacts or electronics, all relays respond to voltage or current. Because of the effectiveness of relays, several types are available out there to offer different effects to applications. These relays are either operated electromechanical or electronically. […]

Understanding automotive braking system

components of automotive braking system

The automotive system will have been a killing instrument if not for the braking system designed for it. Braking systems have been in existence ever since the first design of automobiles. The system inhibits motion by absorbing energy from a moving system. Over the years, the advancement of technology has brought different designs and types […]

Things you need to know about alternator

diagram of a car alternator

Most vehicle users never understand the secret behind self-charging automobiles, well, you’ll get to know about alternators here. You should know the battery can get faulty, but the alternator should be asked when it gets low. It’s a charging system that boosts the engine battery power. Alternators are found are front of the engine, driven […]

Electric force – things you must know

 Electric force definition, formula, and examples The electric force is an attractive or repulsive interaction between two charged bodies. Just as it is used in our everyday life, the term “force” can be look in different form and areas. In physics, a force in an interaction between two objects, having the ability to change the […]

Electric charge – everything you need to know

Electric charge diagram

A simple definition of electric charge Electric charge is the amount of element or energy that passes from one energy to another. It uses different modes like conduction, induction, triboelectricity, etc. Generally, electric charges are of two types; positive and negative charges. These charges are presented in almost all types of body. When two bodies […]