Understanding Machine

what is a machine

A machine is a mechanically, electrically, or electronically operated device for performing a task. Any physical system having arranged structural and functional characteristics is a machine. It could be a molecular machine or a man-made device that uses power to apply forces and control movement to act. Well, in this article, the answers to the […]

Understanding malleability


A material is said to be malleable if it is easy to roll or hammer a thin sheet out of it. In other words, the substance can deform under compressive force. A common test for malleability is if a substance can be rolled or blown into a thin sheet. Metals do not possess this property. Malleable […]

Things you need to know about honing process

honing process

The honing process is a micro-finishing process used to obtain perfect hole geometry. Industries today see the great importance of honing machines as the process offers final sizing and creates the desired finish pattern on the interior of tubing or cylinder bores. This process may be considered a machining process because the removal of microchips […]

Everything you need to know about powder metallurgy

Powder metallurgy is one of the important course mechanical engineers must know. Products made of this material are common around us most especially auto parts. Powder metallurgy comprises a family of production technologies, used to manufacture components of various types. Besides, powder metallurgy which is abbreviated as PM is a term covering a wide range […]

Different types of metals and their classifications

types of metals

There are various types of metals out there suitable for specific applications. Even though metals are made by mining ore from within the earth. They are extracted from rocks in a large-scale industrial process. Leaving that aside, our purpose here is to discuss the different types of metals and their functions. But before that, different […]

Understanding the various types of residual stress

residual stress of a material

In solid materials, residual stress is stresses that remain in them after their original cause of stress is removed. Residual stress can be useless and useful in a material. that is, it may be desirable or undesirable. Unintended residual stress in a material may cause it to fail prematurely, while it can be used in […]

Things you need to know about rivets and riveted joints

rivet diagram

Riveting is a permanent cold-joining process that is widely used in the manufacturing world. It’s the best alternative and more economical than welded and glued joints. Before the wide use of welding, riveting was the main joining method used in the construction of metal bridges, boilers (tight stress-relieved to tight strong joints), low-pressure tanks (requiring […]

Understanding Hardness, strength, and toughness of materials

strength, hardness, and toughness of materials

Hardness, strength, and toughness are some of the major and important properties expected in metals and other materials. One or more of these properties will determine their suitability for a specific application. Today in our daily, people tend to use the words strong, tough, and hard in their conversations not knowing how important the word […]

Understanding Mechanical Bearing


In the production and engineering world where machines are vastly used, a bearing is a mechanical component that is almost inevitable. The term is derived from the verb “to bear”. Bearings are found in all sorts of machines, but they mostly do their work in the subsurface. The mechanical component confines relative motion between two […]

Everything you need to know about industrial metal finishing processes

industrial finishing process

The metal finishing process is a topic that can’t be left untreated as almost everything around us is made of some type of metal or contains a metal part on them. metal has played a key role in our lives for thousands of years till date and its benefits have an effect on every technological […]