List of best water heater

Most people would concur that a water heater is likely among the nicest creature pleasures available today. They discreetly raise the temperature of the water to a point where we may wash our hands, eradicate germs, or enjoy relaxing baths. Sinks, showers, dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances receive hot water from them. They are […]

Understanding non-traditional machining process


Non-traditional machining, also known as “non-conventional machining” or “modern machining method,” is a machining method that involves using electricity, heat, light, electrochemical energy, chemical energy, sound energy, and special mechanical energy to remove, deform, change properties, or plate materials. Drilling, boring, cutting, milling, and other conventional machining processes are performed with traditional tools with a […]

Difference between traditional and non-traditional machining process

conventional and unconventional types of machining

The difference between the conventional (traditional) and the non-conventional (non-traditional) process is obvious due to the method used in performing their operations. The majority of individuals are unaware that the manufacturing process is divided into two categories: primary and secondary operations. The primary process produces the material’s fundamental form and size, while the secondary process, […]

Understanding Machining process and machine tool

Machining is a controlled material-removal technique that cuts a material (typically metal) to a specified final form and size. Subtractive manufacturing refers to the procedures that have this common pattern, as opposed to additive manufacturing, which involves the controlled addition of material. The precise meaning of the “controlled” element of the phrase varies, although it […]

Conventional and non-conventional types of machining processes

conventional and unconventional types of machining

There are various ways or techniques of machining which are categorized into conventional and non-conventional. Production or manufacturing can be simply defined as value addition processes in which low utility and value raw materials are converted into high utility and valued products with definite dimensions, forms, and finishes imparting some functional ability due to inadequate […]