Understanding conventional machining process

Conventional machining

Machining is a metal removing process. It removes a material & decreases the material mass hence this is a subtractive process. The conventional machining process is also known as a traditional machining process. It is the basic method of the metal removing process that removes a material and decreases metal mass. Because of the abrasive […]

Everything you need to know about keys and keyways (keyed joints)

diagram of key and keyways

In the mechanical engineering field, keyed joints are made up of keys and keyways. These keys can be machined into different forms depending on the type of key joints required. Keyways are machined surfaces on a shaft in the dimension of the key. They are fixed together to ensure no pulling apart of components and […]

Everything you need to know about hydraulic press

automatic hydraulic machine press

A hydraulic press is a machine press that generates compressive force by the use of a hydraulic cylinder. It is a device that is used for lifting heavyweights with the application of a much smaller force. The hydraulic press was invented by Joseph Bramah in England. He accomplished the project in the 17th century (1795). […]

Parts and elements of CNC machine systems

CNC lathe machine parts and elecments

Machine tools that feature CNC system contain some major parts and element that helps the effectiveness of the machine. Previously an article was published on control code one must know before using any CNC machine. We’ve examined two codes G-code and M-code. Today we’ll be looking at major parts of CNC machines and some elements […]

Parts of a Grinding machine and their functions

Grinding machine parts

After several articles on this topic, of grinding machines, we realize its parts must be examined. Today we’ll be looking at the different components that a grinder comprises.   Grinding machine parts: The following stated below represent the grinding machine parts: Base or Bed: The bed is made of cast iron which rests on the […]

Difference between shaper and planer machine

shaper and planer machine differences

After several articles on shaper and planer machines, we realize that there are few differences and many similarities between them. the major difference between them is that, the workpiece is fixed on the table and the tool reciprocates toward the workpiece and cuts off the unwanted material. However, in planer machines the tool stays stationary […]

Types of planer machine and their specification

planer machine parts

The effectiveness of planer machines has caused the availability of various types. There is some planer machine that are particularly designed for specific operations in order to offer effectiveness and accuracy to the job. Today we’ll be looking at the different types of planer machines and their specification. Planer machine types: The following stated below […]

The working of a planer machine and operations performed on it

planer machine operations

Due to the fact that a planer machine is one of the most useful tools needed in a machine shop, its working requires a skillful worker. The machine is quite interesting, easy to learn, and different operations can perform on it. Knowing how a planer machine work is a good skill to acquire in the […]

The major parts of a planer machine and their functions

part of a planer machine

A planer machine comprises different components that make its working effective. The machine was explained to function similarly to shaper machines but still has some differences. It was explained to be a machine tool that is designed primarily for producing planes and flat surfaces using a single-point cutting tool. Today we’ll look into the different […]

Everything you need to know about a planer machine

planer machine

A planer machine is another type of metalworking machine tool that uses linear relative motion (reciprocating) on a single-point cutting tool to the workpiece. Planer is much similar to shaper machines which is why an article was published on their differences. Their major difference is that planer machines are larger and move the workpiece while […]