Things you need to know about honing process

honing process

The honing process is a micro-finishing process used to obtain perfect hole geometry. Industries today see the great importance of honing machines as the process offers final sizing and creates the desired finish pattern on the interior of tubing or cylinder bores. This process may be considered a machining process because the removal of microchips […]

Understanding the processing and fabrication of plastics

plastic molding company

The processing and fabrication of plastics involve various stages. Plastics today have become inevitable in our daily life, which has caused the demand for plastic to be drastically high. Plastic industries would prefer to recycle plastic materials and convert them into something different. For example, the conversion of plastic pellets into films or the conversion […]

Things you need to know about polymers


Polymers are common around us today, even though there are wide varieties of different types and different classifications. In a previous post, we explained these various types of plastics as commodity plastics and specialized types. We also saw the application and a few benefits of plastics. I will like you to check it out! Read […]

Understanding the various types of residual stress

residual stress of a material

In solid materials, residual stress is stresses that remain in them after their original cause of stress is removed. Residual stress can be useless and useful in a material. that is, it may be desirable or undesirable. Unintended residual stress in a material may cause it to fail prematurely, while it can be used in […]

Everything you need to know about lap joints

everything you need to know about lap joints

A lap joint is a popular joining method that is done on wood, metal, or plastic. But in woodworking, lap joint maybe a full lap or half lap. In full lap, there is no material removed from either of the pieces to be joined. while in a half-lap joint which is also called halving joint, […]

List of Benchwork hand tools and their uses

Benchwork tools

Benchwork allows very convenient operations in the engineering field with different hand tools and portable tools to be used on it. Benchwork offers greater work finish and a fairly good degree of accuracy. Though some work is expected to perform on an automatic machine, the workbench still offers greater importance and is expected to be seen […]

Common types of precision measuring instruments

Precision measuring instrument: Vernier Calliper and micrometer screw gauge

Precision measuring tools are known to be used in the manufacturing world when considering products with low tolerance. When thinking or trying to make quality products to meet their desired tolerance of cause precision measuring tools must come into use. Precision measuring instruments are tools and devices that are used directly in measuring physical quantities. […]

Understanding micrometer screw gauge

Micrometer screw gauge

When listing precision measuring instruments, for sure, a micrometer screw gauge must be among them. It is one of the older precision measuring tools capable of measuring smaller dimensions vernier calipers cannot measure.  Today you’ll get to know the definition, history, function, parts, diagram, and working of a micrometer screw gauge. What is a micrometer […]

Understanding Vernier Caliper

Vernier Caliper

In projects where accurate measurement must prevail, a vernier caliper must come into use. The lathe machinist can relate better because 95% of lathe operations are measured using a caliper. This is to say, it is a special tool for lathe operators. Today you’ll get to know the definition, history, and working of a vernier […]