Understanding automotive braking system

components of automotive braking system

The automotive system will have been a killing instrument if not for the braking system designed for it. Braking systems have been in existence ever since the first design of automobiles. The system inhibits motion by absorbing energy from a moving system. Over the years, the advancement of technology has brought different designs and types […]

Everything you need to know about industrial metal finishing processes

industrial finishing process

The metal finishing process is a topic that can’t be left untreated as almost everything around us is made of some type of metal or contains a metal part on them. metal has played a key role in our lives for thousands of years till date and its benefits have an effect on every technological […]

Different types of rolling mills and defects in rolled metal

types of rolling mills

Rolling is one of the important processes in the engineering world, it is available in different types of suitable specific operations. Like other manufacturing process defects also occurs in rolled products which we have to discuss with them in order to prevent them. Today we’ll be looking at the various types of rolling mills as […]

Hot and Cold Rolling Process

hot and cold rolling process

Rolling is a common and compulsory process that is done in the manufacturing world for applications that involve the use of sheet metals. The rolling process is a metalworking process that helps to reduce the thickness of metal and make the thickness uniform. Today we’ll be looking at the classification of a rolling process which […]

The working principle of rolling and its processes

rolling process

Rolling is carryout on a rolling mill and can be performed in two ways; hot and cold process. The rolling mill consists of two more working rollers, supporting rollers, roll stands, a drive motor, a flywheel, a reducing gear, a coupling gear, etc. The rollers may be plain or grooved depending upon the shape of […]

Everything you need to know about rolling process

working of rolling process

Rolling in metalworking is a metal forming process that helps to reduce the thickness of metal and make the thickness uniform. The metal stock is passed through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce the material. Rolling is classified according to the temperature of the metal rolled, it is a hot rolling if the […]

Different types of sheet metals work tools

sheet metal tools

So far so good on this important topic we’ve dealing with for some time now, sheet metals.  It is basically explained as a special type of metal formed by industrial processes into flat and thin pieces. Metalworkers has found this workpiece important as its purpose in fabrication project cannot be overlooked. If you’ve been with […]

Different types of sheet metal forming processes

forming process of sheet metals

Sheet metal is one of the most essential materials used in almost all applications that surround us today. They are of different types with different properties, making their forming process and uses broad. Sheet metals are seen on automobile and truck (lorry) bodies, medical tables, airplane fuselages, and wings, roofs for buildings (architecture), and many […]

Everything you need to know about sheet metals

Sheet metal

The sheet metal is one of the important and known metals in the engineering world, as they serve a lot of purpose in our daily life. Sheet metals are very common as they can be seen on cars, machinery, house facades, and furniture. It is mostly seen on parts serving as housing. In this article, […]

Heat treatment process of steel

The common heat treatment process of steel-like knives includes hardening, tempering, annealing, normalizing, and case hardening. Heat treatment is the process in which the properties of metals are changed to a desired one. Today you’ll get to know the heat treatment process of steel and how to heat treating knives. Read more: 3 Stages of Heat […]