The Tesla Camp Mode feature makes owning and camping in an EV as comfortable as sleeping in your own bed at home. Did you ever think you’d be sleeping in your Tesla electric car when you bought it? The Tesla is the place to go if your camping entails folding down the seats, adding a mattress and some cushions, and setting the car into “Tesla camp mode.”

With the Tesla Camp Mode feature, it is infinitely more comfortable to “off-road” in a campsite, camp in your backyard, or travel cross-country in your electric car. Well in this article we’ll be discussing the answer to questions related to “Tesla camp mode” So sit tight and relax while we begin;

tesla camp mode

So, let’s begin!


What is the Tesla camp mode?

Simply put, this mode is a function that turns your car into a cozy interior. It keeps the lights, music, and even the ventilation and temperature in place. When there are no local hotels to stay in and you are extremely exhausted or have driven late into the night, this option comes in helpful.

Therefore, if you own a Tesla, turning on camp mode is the next best thing to do if you decide to stay and camp in your car overnight. Additionally, your USB ports and other low-voltage outlets are powered by the camp mode. As a result, you may charge your phones while you’re asleep and use the touch screen to play games, view movies, or watch television while charging.

How do you turn the camp mode on?

Set your car in park, tap the temperature indicator at the bottom of the screen, and then tap ‘Camp’ to activate the camp mode. The Tesla app can also be used to turn it on. Slide up the bottom drawer in the Climate area and choose “Camp” from the menu.

How do you turn the camp mode off?

Simply shift out of the park to exit camp mode, or disable it on your smartphone by pressing the temperature indicator at the bottom of your screen and choosing another mode.

It makes sense to set up a Camp Drive Profile for your comfort. When you go to bed, this profile automatically customizes itself based on your saved preferences. In addition to the Camp Mode, you can customize the majority of the car’s characteristics to your preferences, including your seat position and desired temperature. It is merely a method for Tesla owners to make everything simpler and faster.

Is “Camp Mode” Really Safe For Sleeping?

A safe option to spend the night in your car is to use the camp mode. It enables you to rest in a cozy environment and position. You won’t have to be concerned about becoming too chilly or choking from the heat. Regarding the auto locks being turned off, it was made that way to facilitate your activities. You wouldn’t have to keep locking and unlocking your automobile every time you came and went.

When you do get to bed, just remember to manually lock it. And finally, it’s a good idea to charge your batteries before activating this mode. Even though it uses little power, keep in mind that this mode will be activated overnight. Get your battery charged so it can power the camp mode for however long you need it to be on the safe side.

How Comfortable Is It to Sleep in a Tesla?

Teslas make excellent sleeping vehicles. Most notably the Model S, Y, and X, some users refer to them as Campers’ Delights. You would sleep like a baby who just hit the technology jackpot, according to a Model S user, using this camp mode.

The Model S is a very adaptable vehicle that, with its back seats fully folded, offers a comfortable night’s sleep. When the back seats are folded down, the cabin can easily fit passengers who are 6 feet tall. Your camp night becomes incredibly wonderful and dreamlike thanks to its panoramic rooftop addition.

A fantastic spot to sleep is the Model X. Another person said that the interior of the X was comfortable even while it was freezing outside. The driver said in a video that it was about -17 degrees outside. He turned on the climate control and set the temperature to the customary 21 degrees before going to sleep.

To deal with the heat, he built further insulation by covering the windows. He raised the heat a little after learning that it was -16 degrees outside at night. The inside was still very warm in the morning, and his covering did a great job of keeping the car insulated.

How Much Power Does Tesla camp mode it Drain?

According to Tesla, using camp mode for an hour will drain 1% of the battery. Of course, this varies depending on the Tesla model, the weather, the plugged-in gadgets and functions, and the amount of your starting battery. We discovered that a full night’s sleep would drain between 5 and 15% of our 2022 Long Range MY battery.

Camp Mode typically consumes 10% of the battery’s charge in an eight-hour timeframe. Because the car will have to work more to maintain the chosen interior temperature, the battery will be depleted more quickly in really cold or inclement weather. You’re looking at a 15% utilization rate even at low temperatures over an eight-hour timeframe.

The 2021 Model 3 and other Tesla vehicles with heat pumps should operate slightly more efficiently when in Camp Mode. Don’t risk draining your battery, as the power consumption of Camp Mode is not a precise science and will vary widely based on various things like the outside temperature and in-cabin settings.

Which Models Have Camp Mode?

Camp Mode is a basic feature on all Tesla models, whether old or new. Additionally, receiving messages about Camp Mode or turning it on from your smartphone does not require access to Tesla’s Premium Connectivity.


In conclusion, Tesla’s Camp Mode is a useful feature that increases the capacity of Tesla cars for outdoor activities like camping. By controlling the climate control and other systems, this feature enables people to maintain a comfortable environment inside the automobile even when it is parked. During camping trips, Camp Mode keeps the HVAC system running while also making sure that the lights and power outlets are functional. This gives occupants a comfortable and climate-controlled room. This development shows Tesla’s dedication to giving its customers useful and entertaining features, broadening the possible uses of its electric vehicles beyond of traditional transportation.

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