Time management

Time Management: Tips for Increased Productivity

We all know that time management is not an easy process. Even if we claim that we can manage our time, mastering it can be challenging. But what if you are a person who always has a busy schedule and a lot on their plate? You want to know how to practice efficient time management, right? Well, read on as we uncover some important tips that will help you build an efficient time management strategy and boost your productivity!

Time management


Tips for Efficient Time Management

Time management is the process of planning and administering how much time to spend on specific activities. Good time management enables an individual to achieve more in a shorter time frame, lessen stress, and lead to career success.

Set goals right

A right goal always results in a right achievement. Start by asking yourself if your goals are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. If not, then you need to rethink everything all over again. Make sure you set goals that can be measured and achieved.

Sensibly set priorities

Setting priorities should always depend on how important the task is and if it is very urgent. By doing so, you’re one step closer to better time management. You’ll be able to do the right thing at the right time. Here’s a process you should follow to set priorities (Eisenhower Matrix):

  • Important and urgent: Complete these tasks immediately.
  • Important but not urgent: Determine when to complete these tasks.
  • Urgent but not important: Delegate these tasks if possible.
  • Not urgent and not important: Set these tasks aside for later.

Eliminate irrelevant tasks/activities

Irrelevant means something unimportant, not necessary, or even unsignificant. And there are only two ways you can handle such tasks or activities. Either you get rid of them or delegate them to someone else. This will free up more time for more relevant activities.

Set a time limit for each activity

You’ll realize that you’re more focused on the task you’re working on if there’s a deadline. Aside from that, time limits also foster efficiency. So, it makes sense to allot how much time it will take you to complete each activity successfully.

Don’t multitask

While most people might understand that multitasking makes them more efficient and helps them achieve more in less time, that’s not always the case. In fact, multitasking makes us more distractible and prone to errors. According to a study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, multitasking affects your brain’s efficiency. So, no matter how fast you might think you’re when doing several activities at the same time, we do not recommend it.

Remove all Distractions

In our present day, a lot of things can be distracting, with smartphones being the most prevalent. While several apps can help minimize cell phone distraction, I’ll say that you’re the one who can truly stop yourself from getting distracted. Be ready to face any temptation that comes your way, and know what is on the line if you should fall for the temptation.

Take short breaks

Even if you’re trying to manage your time, that doesn’t mean you should overwork yourself, since it will result in decreased focus and overall strength. This is where short breaks comes in. After each successful task, make sure you take some time off. You may consider going for a quick walk, have a snack, or take a nap, whichever is applicable.

Benefits Of Time Management

Benefits Of Time Management

If you don’t know, efficient time management has a lot of benefits, including:

More Time for Other Things

One cool thing about an effective time management strategy is that you get more time for other important stuff. For instance, if you have a really tight schedule but also love reading books or going out for a walk more often, managing your time efficiently will help you create more time.

Stress Relief

It is easy for one to get overwhelmed with the things one has to do. But I tell you that a very good time management strategy will help you reduce stress in the sense that you don’t have to feel overburdened.

More Opportunities

Being able to manage your time really well opens more doors for you. You’ll figure out that you waste less time on unimportant activities and get more cool opportunities. It’s also a personality trait employers consider in a worker.

Achievement of Goals

Individuals who practice time management achieve their set goals faster than they planned. This is because they are always conscious of time in all the activities they do.

So that’s it for this article. I hope you’ve gained the necessary understanding you need for better time management. Thanks for your time, and I’ll see you in the next one.


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