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Top list of brick manufacturers

For many years, people have built structures out of bricks. Due to its high compressive strength, this sturdy building material can be utilized in a number of construction and civil engineering applications. The first kinds of bricks were unburned ones that naturally dried in the sun. Most bricks made nowadays are made of clay in kilns large enough for industrial output. For the sake of clarity, this article only investigates the manufacturers of bricks used in masonry and construction. To assist in the search for a brick supplier, we have compiled lists of brick manufacturers in the USA based on revenue and yearly sales.

brick manufacturers

Well, in this article, we’ll be listing the top brick manufacturers you should be considering. Note that this is not a sponsored post and that all the brick manufacturers listed below are based on the top performing ones on the industrial market.

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Alright, let’s dive in!


Top list of brick manufacturers

The following is a list of the top brick manufacturers and suppliers you should be considering:

  • General Shale, Inc.
  • Glen-Gery Corporation
  • Brampton Brick, Inc.
  • Acme Brick
  • Hebron Brick Supply Company
  • Carolina Ceramics Brick Company
  • Endicott Clay Products Co.

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General Shale, Inc.

General Shale, Inc.

The corporate offices of General Shale, Inc. are located in Johnson City, Tennessee, and it was founded in 1928. They manufacture brick, stone, and concrete blocks. They provide bricks in bespoke sizes and masonry supplies like mortar, sand, crushed brick, and rock.

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Glen-Gery Corporation

Glen-Gery Corporation

The Glen-Gery Corporation was founded in 1890, and its corporate offices are in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. In addition to pavement brick, thin brick, extruded brick, glazed brick, and bricks that have been molded or created by hand, they also produce a range of other types of brick. Additionally, they offer a variety of prefabricated stone veneers in addition to masonry supplies like mortar, drainage mats, weatherproof barriers, and construction adhesive.

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Brampton Brick, Inc.

Brampton Brick, Inc.

Farmersburg, Indiana serves as the home base for Brampton Brick Inc. in North America. They manufacture a wide range of clay and stone bricks kinds. Masonry veneers are additionally offered.

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Acme Brick

Acme Brick

Acme Brick is one of the best brick manufacturers in the US, and it is located in Fort Worth, Texas. They produced several clay brick compositions and were founded in 1891. Along with ceramic, marble, granite, and slate tiles, installation supplies including sealers and cleaners are also offered. They offer tools and supplies for masonry work and glass blocks that can be used as architectural ornaments.

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Hebron Brick Supply Company

Hebron Brick Supply Company

The Hebron Brick Supply Company was established in Fargo, North Dakota, in 1904. They produce a variety of thin, architectural, and residential brick types. They sell clay bricks in distinctive sizes, shapes, and textures.

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Carolina Ceramics Brick Company

Carolina Ceramics Brick Company

The Carolina Ceramics Brick Company was founded in 1939 and has its headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina. They produce a wide range of pavers and bricks for buildings. They offer panels, carved brick sculptures, and bricks in unique shapes.

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Endicott Clay Products Co.

Endicott Clay Products Co.

The Endicott Clay Products Co. was founded in Fairbury, Nebraska, in 1920. They manufacture many different types of bricks, such as thin and face bricks. There are also tiles and pavers available.

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Some other top brick manufacturers

Morin Brick Company

Triangle Brick Company

Palmetto Brick Co.

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Brick manufacturers FAQs

How do I start a brick manufacturing company?

Here are a few things you should be considering if you want to start a brick manufacturing company:

  • Improve your business skills. Brick-making expertise is necessary, but you also need to have a business mind.
  • Analyse the opposition.
  • Calculate the price.
  • Find the appropriate machinery for sale.
  • Determine the location.

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What is brick manufacturing called?

Brickwork, usually referred to as a brick factory, is a facility used to produce bricks from shale or clay. The most common material used to make bricks is clay, hence brickwork is often built on top of clay bedrock and frequently has a clay quarry on the property.

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What are the raw materials for brick manufacturing?

Surface clays and shales, mined in open pits, are among the main elements used to make brick and other structural clay products. At some plants, the raw materials’ moisture content is as low as about 3 percent, while at other plants, it can reach as high as around 15 percent.

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Which brand brick is best for construction?

Bharat Bricks Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known brand in the supply of construction supplies with many years of experience.

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How profitable is brick making?

1000–10,000 bricks can be produced easily each hour by a standard one. This equipment costs between 10 and 13 lakh rupees. For between 30 and 40 lakhs, you may sell about 5 lakh bricks. In this manner, after deducting all costs, you can make a profit of about Rs. 4.90 lakh.

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How much does a brick company make?

Brick Makers in the US earn incomes ranging from $18,780 to $49,960, with a median pay of $27,950. Brick Makers make an average salary of $27,950, with the top 75% earning $49,960.

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What are the requirements for brick making?

For 1000 clay bricks, you’ll need: 4 tons of clay Silence: 0 to 4 tones: 0.2 tons of coal 3–4 km of water ii) Tempering: Either manually or with pug mills, the clay is blended with water to obtain the proper consistency. iii) Moulding: After being tempered, the clay is rolled in sand and molded.

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How do I market my brick business?

How to get people to visit your business is one of your main worries if you run a brick-and-mortar retail business.

  • Targeting by proximity is one of them.
  • Loyalty campaigns.
  • Geo-conquesting.
  • targeting the weather.
  • In-store events.
  • relations-based advertising.
  • Social media promotion.
  • Click and collect.

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What are the main objects of brick manufacturing company?

Bricks, sand, stone, marble, tiles, refractories, China items, pipes, tubes, tubular structures, cement, paints, adhesive, sheets, roofing, glass, furniture, fittings, electrical goods, water—these are all items that can be produced, manufactured, refined, prepared, processed, bought, sold, imported, exported, or otherwise dealt with.

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What is the concept of brick business?

A typical street-side firm that deals with consumers directly in an office or stores that it owns or rents is referred to as a “brick-and-mortar” business. A couple of instances of brick-and-mortar businesses are the neighborhood grocery store and the corner bank.

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What are the 2 main methods of brick manufacturing?

The process used to produce a brick has a significant impact on the brick’s texture and there are three ways to form the shape and size of a brick: extruded (stiff mud), molded (soft mud), and dry. Molded pressed products frequently have sand-finished surfaces. Extrusion bricks are used to make the bulk of bricks.

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What is another name for brick?

Block, stone, brickwork, cube, slab, etc.

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What is brick cement called?

The most common usage for mortar, a sand and cement mixture, is to construct brick or block walls. Although that may sound like the same recipe used to manufacture concrete, there are some deliberate changes between the formulations for mortar and cement, so the components shouldn’t be used interchangeably.

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Which soil is used for bricks?

According to the results of the simple sedimentation test, suitable soils comprise 25 to 50 percent clay and silt and 50 to 75 percent coarser particles. A proper grade of soil is required.

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What are the different types of brick manufacturing?

Bricks can be made in three different ways: by extruding (using stiff mud), molding (using soft mud), and dry pressing. The extrusion method is used to produce a large number of bricks. Brick gets its color from minerals in the clay that is burnt, as well as from coatings that are put before or after the firing.

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That is all for this article, where we listed and discussed the top brick manufacturers you should be considering. I hope it was helpful. If so, kindly share it with others. Thanks for reading; see you around!