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Top list of irrigation equipment suppliers

Lawns, golf courses, gardens, and big agricultural plots are just a few examples of landscaping and agriculture that require irrigation. There are several types of irrigation equipment available to meet the whole spectrum of irrigation needs. Simple sprinklers to substantial center-pivot irrigation systems for watering hundreds of acres can be used as equipment. The irrigation equipment most commonly used for landscaping and lawns is well-known to many.

One of the simplest and most popular pieces of irrigation equipment for a home is the garden hose. To water a larger area, the hose is frequently fitted with a sprinkler head. A stream of water is sprayed out from an impact sprinkler head while it rotates in a circle. Another choice that can be buried when not in use is a pop-up impact sprinkler. Similar to an impact sprinkler, an oscillating sprinkler disperses water by spraying a fan of water that oscillates back and forth.

irrigation equipment suppliers

Sprinkler heads that are stationary include spray heads and stream rotors. The spray heads can be adjusted to spray in all directions or to focus on one or two particular regions while the stream rotor disperses water in all directions. Sprinklers release water into the atmosphere, where it evaporates. Micro-irrigation systems apply water directly to the soil or beneath the soil, preventing evaporation, in contrast to sprinkler systems.

Well, in this article, we’ll be listing irrigation equipment spreaders you should be considering. Note that this is not a sponsored post and that all the irrigation equipment spreaders listed below are based on the top-performing one available.

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Ok, let’s dive in!


Top list of irrigation equipment suppliers

The following is a list of top irrigation equipment spreaders you should be considering for your irrigation activities:

  • The Toro Company
  • Jain Irrigation Systems Limited
  • Netafim
  • Valmont Industries Inc.
  • Rivulis Irrigation
  • Lindsay Corporation
  • Rain Bird Corporation

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The Toro Company

the toro company

In 1914, The Toro Company was established. The business has developed into a top provider of outdoor environmental solutions, including irrigation, outdoor lighting, rental and custom engineering, turf, and landscape management, snow and ice maintenance, and the building of underground utilities. The business serves golf courses, professional contractors, workers in the underground construction sector, groundskeepers, agricultural growers, rental companies, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and homeowners, in addition to numerous renowned sporting arenas and historic sites.

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Jain Irrigation Systems Limited

Jain Irrigation Systems Limited

Jain Irrigation Systems Limited (JISL), is an Indian multinational with manufacturing facilities in 32 nations, with more than 11,000 employees worldwide. Since its founding, the company has produced agricultural inputs, micro irrigation systems, PVC and HDPE pipe systems, plastic sheets, agro-processed goods, tissue culture plants, renewable energy solutions, automation and precision farming, and financial services. It has led a quiet revolution in water conservation using cutting-edge technologies and advanced irrigation systems, and it has significantly increased crop yields, especially for small farmers. Additionally, it has developed a fresh idea known as Integrated Irrigation Projects. (IIP).

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One of the best irrigation firms in the world, Netafim provides precise irrigation solutions for water, food, and land scarcity. Netafim offers cutting-edge irrigation and fertigation solutions that enable farmers, from smallholders to major producers, in more than 110 countries, to boost production through 33 subsidiaries and 17 manufacturing facilities globally. In 2017, Orbia, the top firm in the world for specialist goods, purchased 80% of Netafim. Kibbutz Hatzerim is the owner of the remaining 20%. In 1965, Netafim, a pioneer in drip irrigation, revolutionized the landscape. By combining engineering, project management, and financial services, Netafim delivers irrigation, greenhouse, landscape, and mining solutions to its clients.

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Valmont Industries Inc.

Valmont Industries Inc.

Global agricultural production is increased by Valmont Industries Inc. in addition to the development of essential infrastructure. It has always been dedicated to protecting natural resources and raising the standard of living. The company has sought out growth prospects since 1946 by utilizing cutting-edge technology, putting into place sustainable processes, and maintaining market leadership within dynamic industries. The company produces a wide range of goods, such as mechanized irrigation systems, steel structures, protective coatings, infrastructure, power transmission and distribution structures, composite structures, communication facilities, and irrigation systems.

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Rivulis Irrigation

Rivulis Irrigation

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Rivulis, a leader in micro and drip irrigation worldwide, provides a wide range of services in addition to a wide range of products. With 15 manufacturing locations, over 2,000 employees, three R&D centers, and several design centers, Rivulis was established in 1966 and has its corporate headquarters in Israel. It offers complete solutions for all grower needs in the mining, horticulture, landscape, and agricultural industries through its global network of over 3,300 partners. It is committed to empowering micro-irrigation, building sustainable collaborations, and facilitating field-trusted innovation in order to assist growers and their partners in achieving greater success.

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Lindsay Corporation

Lindsay Corporation

Lindsay Corporation has created cutting-edge goods and services in the fields of water management and road infrastructure during the last 60 years. More than 90 countries have irrigation systems installed by its irrigation division, which invented center pivot and lateral move irrigation. It discovers effective methods of irrigating crops on various terrains and soils, consequently boosting yields and better utilizing natural resources, to meet rising population growth. Large agricultural investors may get technical advice, cutting-edge water management tools, telemetry systems, and sophisticated controls from one dependable source with Lindsay’s Industrial Water Solutions.

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Rain Bird Corporation

Rain Bird Corporation

The Rain Bird Corporation, which has its corporate office in Azusa, California, produces irrigation products and offers irrigation services globally. In more than 130 nations, Rain Bird has offered irrigation and water-saving technologies to residences, golf courses, sports venues, farms, and industrial buildings. The business has been granted more than 450 patents globally, including the first impact sprinkler patent in 1935. The promotion of The Intelligent Use of Water is the goal of Rain Bird. In addition to products, it provides services, training, and information to the community and industry to aid in water conservation.

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Some other top irrigation equipment suppliers

Nelson Irrigation Corporation

EPC Industries Ltd.

T-L Irrigation Co.

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Irrigation equipment suppliers FAQs

How much does it cost to get irrigation equipment?

The cost of a new sprinkler is $2,429 on average nationwide, according to Home Advisor. The price ranges from $500 at the low end to $5,000 at the top. An irrigation system typically costs between $1,697 and $3,530.

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What is the list of irrigation equipment?

The following items fall into this category: drip irrigation kits, high-capacity water pumps, hole-punching tools, water connectors, watering cans, and watering vaults. Others are irrigation sprinklers, fogger nozzles, end connectors, drip filters, grommets, irrigation spray tubes, hoses, rain guns, drip tape, and spray guns, among others.

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What are the 5 pieces of equipment that are used for irrigation?

There are several categories of irrigation equipment, including pipes, pipe connector fittings, flow control devices, filters, fertigation equipment, water emitters, automation equipment, operation equipment, and water-lifting devices.

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Which type of irrigation is expensive?

Sprinkler irrigation systems may require the most expensive initial installation.

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How do you estimate an irrigation system?

By dividing the width by the length of your yard in feet, you may determine how much water you use per square foot. then divide that sum by 0.623 to determine the number of gallons consumed. (Or use our calculator below). Your yard must be square or rectangular for this to apply.

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Which soil is best for irrigation?

Surface irrigation works best on clay soils with little infiltration. Sprinkler or drip irrigation is advised when a number of various soil types are included in a single irrigation plan since they will ensure a more uniform water distribution.

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Which is the cheapest way of irrigation?

Traditional and inexpensive methods of irrigation include dhekli and moats.

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What is the most cost-effective irrigation system?

The most water-efficient method of irrigation is drip irrigation, which can significantly reduce a farm’s water use while improving crop yields and quality. However, drip irrigation isn’t a miracle cure, just like every other watering technique.

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What is irrigation used for?

Water is artificially applied to the soil by a variety of tubes, pumps, and spraying systems. Typically, irrigation is used in regions with erratic rainfall, dry spells, or potential drought.

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What are the four major types of irrigation?

The following are the four major types of irrigation:

  • Surface Irrigation.
  • Sprinkler Irrigation.
  • Subsurface Irrigation.
  • Drip Irrigation

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What is the name of the irrigation tool?

Water is artificially applied to the soil by a variety of tubes, pumps, and spraying systems. In regions with erratic rainfall, dry spells, or potential drought, irrigation is frequently used.

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What are modern tools of irrigation?

An irrigation sprinkler is a tool used to irrigate (water) agricultural crops, lawns, landscaping, golf courses, and other locations. It is also known as a water sprinkler or just Asprinkler.

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That is all for this article, where we’ve listed and discussed the top irrigation equipment suppliers you should be considering. I hope it was helpful. If so, kindly share it with others. Thanks for reading; see you around!