Woodworking chisels

Different types of chisel and their uses

In a woodworking workshop, the chisel is one of the most essential hand tools. It is of different types, suiting for special operations. Chisels are known for their wide applications such as edges refining, mortices cleaning, cuts, joints, and carving wood.

Today I will be discussing one the different types of chisel that a woodworker must have in order to accomplish projects. I will also examine the use of these chisels.

Woodworking chisels


Types of chisels and their uses

Bevelled Edge Bence Chisels:

The bevelled edge types of chisel are used mostly on cabinet project, though they are applicable to other jobs. It is highly considered as its operation is actually simple and straightforward just as other chisels. This chisel is used by firmly holding the edge with hand and using a hammer to hit the top part.

All woodworkers are expected to invest in a complete set of this chisel as it will be ready to go long run for a variety of woodwork projects.

The hand tool also experiences wear and tear, but one’s made of right tools could last longer. It is available in different sizes, as a woodworker will need a complete set for immense projects. Finally, the bevelled edges on each side feature blades of moderate thickness. These make them be used under intense force but still remain in shape. only when it edges needs to be sharp.

Heavy-duty bevelled edge chisel:

The heavy-duty bevelled edge chisel lookalike with the bevelled edge type, but their applications totally differs. It much likes the bench chisel, but hyper durable in case of heavy-duty. This chisel is not common any longer as it is mostly used by boat builders, and nowadays boats are not built by hand.

These types of chisel are suited for major projects that require a little bit of grit, making its edge harder than other types. However, some other chisel alternatives are out there.

It would be better for a woodworker to get the complete set of this chisel, as it is durable and make work done with ease due to its sharp edge.

Japanese bench tools:

The Japanese chisels are very important bench hand tools that offer an accurate cut on softwood. Its blade is thicker and it is sharpened at the edges, making it excellent doing its job. The Japanese chisels lookalike with the one of the west, but their difference occurs in the blade thickness and sharpness. Another great difference is that the edge of the west chisels is slightly less bevelled.

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Mortise chisel

The chisel is popularly known in the carpentry world used mostly in cabinetry projects. It features a fine edge on either side, looking much alike with the blade of a knife and a good design wooden handle. This hand tool made with a tampered steel is very durable, as the blade is very hard.

Mortise chisels

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Sash mortise types

The sash mortise types of chisel are much alike with the previous one I talked about but are used on specific operations. Because this chisel is used for cutting only shallow mortises, it is not that popular. A woodworker should at least invest in one.


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Paring chisels:

The paring chisels are thin and have a sharper edge, used in performing delicate work such as joint creating. It can be used purposely to remove an extremely thin layer of the woodwork from the workpiece.


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