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Different types of engine layout

You may have been wondering what type of engine layout mounted under your bonnet, you’ll get to know that today. Well, some articles were published on engine type checkout below!

Types of engine layouts

Engine layouts

Car engine also differs in their cylinder layouts, making a specific engine design fit in a tight space. Engine cylinder layouts can also determine the working efficiency of the vehicle. These different types of engine layouts vary in their cylinder arrangements.

The following stated below are the different types of cylinder layouts.


An inline layout allows some components like the radiator, battery, cooling system, etc. to be fitted around the engine, due to the portability of the engine. These engine layouts are found mostly on small family cars and hatchbacks. The inline layout is known when the cylinders are arranged side-by-side in an upright position, perpendicular to the car.

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The straight type of engine layouts is found mostly on powerful cars like BMW and Mercedes. The cylinders are arranged in a line parallel to the car from front to back. The primary advantage of this arrangement is that it allows more cylinders to fit in.


In these types of engine layouts, the cylinders are fitted horizontally, with two rows facing outwards. These engine layouts are rare as they are highly regarded for offering a low center of gravity within the engine bay. One of the largest manufacturers of flat cylinder engines is Porsche, which uses a flat-six engine in their legendary 911 sports car.


The v type of engine is mostly found on supercars and some premium vehicles. Its cylinders are mounted at an angle of 60° on their side, with two rows facing outwards. The base of the cylinders is connected to a crankshaft. The V shape is seen when the engine is viewed from the front. The good news is that the engine layout has space for more cylinders.

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