Types of slotter machine and their specifications

The availability of various types of slotter machines with different mechanisms aids the effectiveness and suitability of different operations. Some special type is purposely designed for the effectiveness of the specific operation. A slotter machine which much related to other machine tools like the shaper and planer machine works by reciprocating the ram holding the tool in a vertical axis and the cutting action of the tool is during the downward stroke. So

Today we’ll be looking at different types of slotter machines and their specification.

types of slotting machine

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Slotting machine types:

The following stated below are the types of slotting machines and their working:

Punch slotting machine:

The machine tool is heavy and rigid, designed for removing large amounts of metal from forged or cast material. The puncher slotter’s length is as long as 1800 to 2000 mm. It works similarly to other types, but the ram is usually driven by a special pinion mesh with the rack teeth cut on the underside of the ram. A reversible electric motor with a variable speed is used to drive the pinion and the feed is controlled by an electrical gear.

Precision toolroom slotter:

These slotter machine types have a good machine speed and create light cuts and offer an accurate surface finish.

Special purpose slotter machine:

This machine offers a high volume of production at a low cost and gives greater accuracy. Keyseaters are one of the special purposes of slotting machines, used for machining keys on the wheel and gear hub.

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The specifications of a slotter machine are depended on several factors which include:

  • Power input.
  • Maximum table drive.
  • Type of drive.
  • The maximum length of ram stroke.
  • A number of feeds.
  • Table feed.
  • A number of speeds.

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