University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Students

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Scholarships for International Students embody a commitment to cultivating a diverse and globally enriched academic community. This scholarship program, offered by one of Canada’s premier institutions, aims to attract outstanding international students and provide them with the financial support needed to pursue their educational aspirations. Here are things you should know about this scholarship for international students:


Global Excellence

UBC Scholarships for International Students

At the core of the UBC Scholarships for International Students is a dedication to global excellence. The program actively seeks to bring together students from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds, fostering an inclusive environment that enriches the overall educational experience.

UBC’s Award Winners Community

Upon receiving an award or scholarship, you become a part of a community of enthusiastic and helpful young leaders whose varied viewpoints, involvement, and inventiveness enhance UBC. You will have the opportunity to develop, network, research, and innovate while attending the most international institution in North America and a global top 40 university.

Co-ops, undergraduate research, clubs, study abroad, and other extracurricular activities are just a few of the many possibilities that UBC provides to help you complete your degree and become involved in the vibrant campus community.

UBC Merit Scholarships: IMES and OIS Awards

You will automatically be considered for these merit-based awards as soon as you receive an offer of admission to UBC. Recipients of these scholarships are selected based on their demonstrated academic merit, recognizing students who exhibit exceptional achievements in their previous studies. This merit-based approach ensures that the scholarship program attracts individuals who are not only academically gifted but also poised to make meaningful contributions to their chosen fields.

International Major Entrance Scholarship

International Major Entrance Scholarships (IMES) are given to outstanding international students entering UBC’s undergraduate programs. When a student enrolls in UBC for the first time, they receive their IMES, which they can keep for up to three more years of study. The number and level of these scholarships awarded each year vary, depending on available funding.


How To Apply

Scholarship Status

In order to qualify for the IMES, you need to:

  • be a new student at UBC who came straight out of secondary school.
  • be an international student enrolled in UBC with study permission (student visa) from Canada. Your eligibility for IMES may be impacted by changes to your citizenship status.
  • demonstrate remarkable extracurricular activity and community service in addition to outstanding academic accomplishment and intellectual promise.
  • not be considered for an International Scholars award based on need and merit.
  • apply to UBC by January 15.
You will be automatically considered for the IMES if you apply to UBC by January 15.Soon after you get an admissions offer from UBC, you will be given consideration for this award. Every year, scholarship selections are determined between the middle of March and the end of April.

Outstanding International Student Award

A one-time merit-based entrance scholarship known as the Outstanding International Student (OIS) Award is given to qualified applicants upon receiving an admissions offer from UBC. Students selected for this award demonstrate academic strength as well as commitment outside of the classroom.


How To Apply

Scholarship Status

To be eligible for an OIS Award, you need to:

  • be a new student at UBC, having come straight out of secondary school or a post-secondary institution (college or university).
  • be an international student with a Canadian study permit (student visa) studying at UBC. (Any modifications to your citizenship status may affect your eligibility for scholarships.)
  • demonstrate exceptional academic success as well as a strong commitment to extracurricular activities.
  • not get a nomination for an International Scholars grant based on quality and need.
  • apply by January 15th to UBC.
You will be automatically eligible for the OIS Award if you submit an application to UBC by January 15.Soon after you get an admission offer from UBC, you will be given consideration for this award. Every year, scholarship selections are determined between the middle of March and the end of April.

Financial Support

The scholarship program helps international students handle the financial challenges of studying abroad by offering crucial financial support. UBC demonstrates its dedication to providing brilliant individuals with access to top-notch education by providing this support.

Diverse Disciplines

The UBC International Student Scholarships cover a broad range of academic specializations. Regardless of the field of study—social sciences, engineering, arts, or sciences—the program values and recognizes the wide range of skills and passions among its community of international students.

Research and Innovation

The program encourages scholarship recipients to pursue research and innovation in addition to academic success. This focus on investigation and learning is consistent with UBC’s standing as a center for innovative research and inspires students to make contributions to the progress of their disciplines.

Community Engagement

UBC Scholarships for International Students

UBC encourages its international scholars to get involved in the campus community. By participating in extracurricular activities, cultural projects, and community service, scholarship recipients enhance campus life and foster relationships with fellow students.

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Application and Selection Process

In order to be eligible for the UBC Scholarships for Foreign Students, prospective foreign students must go through a rigorous application and selection procedure. In addition to considering their potential for research and innovation, applicants are evaluated by the university on their alignment with UBC’s values and their academic achievements.

Alumni Success Stories

Numerous individuals who are awarded international scholarships by UBC proceed to attain noteworthy accomplishments in their academic and career pursuits. Through the scholarship program, overseas students are given the opportunity to start their careers as leaders and contributors in their professions.

Global Impact Of UBC Scholarships for International Students

Beyond individual success stories, UBC’s international scholarships contribute to the university’s broader impact on the global stage. The program actively promotes the globalization of education and the development of a globally conscious and interconnected community by drawing and assisting talented people from all over the world.

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