University of Alberta International Scholarships 2023/2024

The University of Alberta International Scholarships demonstrates a dedication to academic excellence and the global exchange of knowledge. One of the top universities in Canada is offering this scholarship program with the goal of bringing in and helping deserving foreign students in order to create a vibrant and varied learning environment.

University of Alberta International Scholarships

Scholarship NameBenefitEligibilityApplication 
International Student ScholarshipUp to 9,000 CADInternational students with outstanding academic scores and leadership skillsNot Required

Here are things to know about the University of Alberta international scholarships:


Global Diversity

Global diversity is the core value of the University of Alberta’s International Scholarships program. In order to create a rich tapestry of viewpoints that improves the academic experience for all students, the program actively tries to bring together bright minds from around the world.

Academic Excellence

The recipients of these scholarships are chosen on the basis of their potential to make significant contributions to their chosen fields of study as well as their track record of academic performance. Because the scholarship program is merit-based, it guarantees that the recipients are not just top performers but also individuals who have the potential to make important contributions to their academic fields.

Financial Support

The scholarship program relieves the financial strain of studying abroad by giving international students access to critical financial support. The University of Alberta shows its dedication to ensuring that a worldwide community has access to high-quality education by providing this support.

Diverse Fields of Study

There are many different academic fields covered by the University of Alberta’s International Scholarships. Whether pursuing a degree in engineering, business, humanities, or the sciences, the program values and recognizes the variety of skills and passions among its global student body.

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Research and Innovation

The University of Alberta encourages scholarship recipients to pursue research and innovation outside of the classroom. By giving students the chance to participate in innovative initiatives, these programs promote a culture of inquiry and learning.

Community Engagement

The University of Alberta encourages its international scholars to get involved in the campus community. Scholarship awardees contribute to the dynamic and inclusive campus life through their involvement in extracurricular activities, cultural events, and community service.

Application and Selection Process

Applying for the University of Alberta International Scholarships requires tough application and selection processes, which prospective international students must go through. The institution closely considers applicants’ aims and how well they connect with the university’s principles, as well as their academic achievements and aptitude for research.

Alumni Success Stories

Numerous individuals who are awarded the University of Alberta International Scholarships proceed to attain noteworthy accomplishments in their academic and professional careers. Through the scholarship program, international students are given the opportunity to start their careers as leaders in their professions.

Global Impact Of University of Alberta International Scholarships

The University of Alberta International Scholarships enhance the university’s overall influence on the global stage, going beyond individual success stories. The program actively promotes the internationalization of education and the development of a globally conscious and interconnected community by drawing and assisting gifted people from a variety of backgrounds.

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