University of Antwerp Science Scholarships 2023/24

In the vibrant academic landscape of the University of Antwerp, a beacon of opportunity shines brightly for aspiring scholars in the field of science. The University of Antwerp Science Scholarships stand as a testament to the institution’s commitment to fostering excellence, innovation, and academic achievement within the scientific community. These scholarships, meticulously crafted to support students on their educational journey, embody the university’s dedication to advancing knowledge and nurturing the next generation of scientific leaders.

University of Antwerp Science Scholarships

As we delve into the intricacies of these scholarships, we discover not just financial support but a gateway to a dynamic learning environment where curiosity meets exploration, and where students are empowered to make meaningful contributions to the ever-evolving world of science. Join us on this exploration of the University of Antwerp Science Scholarships — a gateway to a world of possibilities and a testament to the university’s unwavering dedication to scientific advancement.


University Website

Visit the official website of the University of Antwerp. Navigate to the scholarship or financial aid section to find detailed information about available programs.

Contact the University

Reach out to the university’s admission or financial aid office. They can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding science scholarships. See the Contact Below

Prinsstraat 13
2000 Antwerpen
Tel: + 32(0)3 265 41 11

If you have local academic advisors or mentors, they might have information about scholarships at the University of Antwerp. They can guide you on where to find the most relevant and current information.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Universities often offer scholarships based on academic excellence. These scholarships may consider factors such as high school grades, standardized test scores, or other academic achievements.

Research Scholarships

For science-related fields, universities may have specific scholarships for students engaging in research projects. These could be at the undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate levels.

Departmental Scholarships

Some universities offer scholarships specific to certain departments or faculties. In the case of the University of Antwerp, there might be science-specific scholarships administered by the science or related departments.

International Scholarships

Universities often have scholarship programs to attract international students. These may include partial or full tuition waivers, living allowances, or other forms of financial support.

Need-Based Scholarships

Financial need can be a criterion for certain scholarships. Universities may assess a student’s financial need based on their family’s income and other relevant factors.

Partnership Scholarships

Universities sometimes collaborate with external organizations or businesses to provide scholarships. These partnerships can lead to industry-specific scholarships or those tied to specific research areas.


The University of Antwerp directly participates in the selection process of certain scholarship programs(Scholarships with UAntwerp participation). In addition, students can also check if they are eligible for external funding opportunities(External scholarships). Scholarships are available for Bachelor, Master, PhD, or for shorter stay programs.

Do check with the Belgian embassy in your country to see if they have any funding options.

Note that the tuition fee for most of Antwerp’s study programs is reasonable when compared internationally. The cost of living for students in Belgium is about €16,000 per year.

University of Antwerp Science Scholarships encapsulate the spirit of academic excellence and the university’s profound commitment to nurturing the brightest minds in the realm of science. As we reflect on the opportunities these scholarships provide, we recognize them not merely as financial aids but as catalysts for intellectual growth and groundbreaking discoveries. Through this support, the university paves the way for students to embark on a transformative educational journey where they can explore, innovate, and contribute to the ever-expanding frontiers of science. The legacy of the University of Antwerp Science Scholarships is one that extends far beyond financial assistance—it is a legacy of empowerment, inspiration, and the unwavering belief that the pursuit of knowledge has the power to shape a better future for us all.

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