University of Calgary Graduate Awards 2024/25

The University of Calgary, a recognized institution dedicated to encouraging innovation and academic performance, provides a wide range of Graduate Awards to encourage and acknowledge graduate students’ achievements. The university’s thriving research community and its global influence are greatly enhanced by these awards, which are essential in luring and keeping exceptional researchers.


Aim of the Awards

The goal of the University of Calgary Graduate Awards is to recognize and celebrate outstanding contributions to the academic community, research excellence, and academic performance. These awards are intended to empower graduate students by giving them the recognition and financial assistance they need to succeed in their chosen disciplines.

Types of Awards

The institution provides a wide range of Graduate Awards in a variety of disciplines and research areas. These may include:

  • Entrance Awards: These recognize academic excellence and the potential for significant research impact when given to deserving students starting graduate programs.
  • Research-based Awards: These grants, which assist graduate students working on innovative projects, frequently highlight the importance and originality of the proposed research endeavor.
  • Teaching Assistantships: These awards, which recognize the value of teaching contributions, give graduate students the chance to obtain worthwhile teaching experience.
  • Scholarships and Fellowships: Recognizing academic excellence, these awards provide financial assistance to students seeking postgraduate degrees.
  • Travel Grants: Encouraging academic participation beyond campus, these grants help students go to workshops, conferences, or fieldwork.

Eligibility Criteria

University of Calgary Graduate Awards


The specific award, the program, and the candidate’s academic record all influence the eligibility requirements for the University of Calgary Graduate Awards. Common criteria include academic merit, research potential, and a commitment to advancing knowledge in the chosen field.

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Application Process

Applying for awards is usually done through the university’s scholarship and awards portal by both current and prospective graduate students. Academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a research proposal, and, in certain situations, a personal statement detailing the candidate’s contributions to their local or academic community may all be required throughout the application process.

Competitive Nature

The application process is competitive because of the significance and scarcity of some awards. It is urged of applicants to highlight not just their academic accomplishments but also their capacity to make significant contributions to their academic community and beyond.

Selection Criteria

A candidate’s goals must be in line with the university’s research priorities, and they must also demonstrate academic quality, research potential, and leadership abilities.

Renewal and Continuation

Certain awards have the potential to be renewed for additional years, provided that the student maintains a certain standard of academic performance and complies with any additional requirements stipulated by the organization giving the award.

Deadline and Notifications

Applicants are recommended to adhere to scholarship application deadlines, which may differ from program application deadlines. Award decisions are usually announced after a comprehensive review procedure.

Global Recognition

The University of Calgary Graduate Awards help the university gain international prominence by attracting top-tier students from a variety of cultural and intellectual backgrounds. The recipients of awards contribute an international viewpoint that enhances the research climate at the university.

Impact on Recipients

A University of Calgary Graduate Award has a profoundly positive effect on the academic and career paths of its graduates, in addition to providing financial support. Graduates of these schools frequently go on to become influential figures in their fields, making major contributions to community development, innovation, and research.

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