University of Ottawa Scholarships 2024/2025

The University of Ottawa noted for its commitment to academic excellence and promoting a diverse learning environment, provides a variety of scholarships to assist students in their educational journey. These awards are intended to honor and commend exceptional accomplishments in the classroom and in the community at large.

University of Ottawa Scholarships

Here are important things to know about the University of Ottawa scholarships:


Aim of the Scholarships

The University of Ottawa’s scholarships are intended to honor and enable individuals who exhibit outstanding academic achievement, leadership qualities, and a dedication to having a positive influence in a variety of academic subjects. Beyond only providing financial support, these esteemed awards stand for the university’s commitment to developing well-rounded, successful individuals.

Eligibility Criteria

Scholarship recipients at the University of Ottawa may have different requirements depending on the particular program or award. Candidates are generally assessed based on their leadership potential, extracurricular activity participation, academic performance, and compatibility with the university’s principles.

Financial Coverage

University of Ottawa scholarships often provide financial support in the form of tuition assistance, living expenses, or a combination of both. The financial coverage can vary depending on the specific scholarship, and some programs may also offer additional benefits such as research funding or travel grants.

Application Process

Typically, prospective students who are interested in University of Ottawa scholarships must apply for admission to their program of choice simultaneously or prior to submitting their scholarship application. Academic transcripts, recommendation letters, a personal statement, and, occasionally, a portfolio or research proposal are required to be submitted as part of the admission process.

Competitive Nature

Due to the prestige and limited availability of certain scholarships, the application process is usually highly competitive. It is encouraged of applicants to highlight not only their academic accomplishments but also their potential for service to the academic community and their field of study.

University of Ottawa Scholarships Selection Criteria

Academic excellence, participation in extracurricular activities, leadership abilities, and a fit between the candidate’s objectives and the mission of the University of Ottawa are some examples of selection criteria. Specific requirements pertaining to the student’s chosen field of study may apply to some scholarships.

Renewal and Continuation

At the University of Ottawa, several scholarships could be renewed for additional years if the recipient maintains a certain standard of academic achievement and complies with all other requirements stipulated by the scholarship program.

Deadline and Notifications

It is recommended that applicants keep track of the deadlines for scholarship applications, as they may not be the same as program application deadlines. Information regarding scholarship decisions is usually provided after a comprehensive assessment process.

Global Recognition

The University of Ottawa scholarships draw talented students from a variety of backgrounds, which enhances the university’s reputation around the world. All students benefit from the institution’s appreciation of global viewpoints, which enhances their academic experience.

Community Engagement

Scholarship recipients at the University of Ottawa are encouraged to be active members of the university community. Participation in extracurricular activities that enhance the lively campus life, such as student organizations and community service projects, may be part of this engagement.

Program and Field Specificity

Some scholarships may be specific to certain degree programs or fields of study. This focused approach guarantees that the scholarship helps candidates pursue studies in areas of particular interest and is in line with the University of Ottawa’s strategic aims.

Career Development Opportunities

Scholarship recipients will get opportunities for career development from the University of Ottawa in addition to financial support. This can include access to the vast alumni network of the university, workshops, and mentorship programs.

Communication and Transparency

The University of Ottawa maintains clear and transparent communication about its scholarship programs, including eligibility criteria, application requirements, and selection processes. Prospective applicants are encouraged to properly evaluate the information provided by the university and to request clarification if needed.

Impact on Recipients

Recipients of University of Ottawa scholarships see significant changes in their academic and career paths. Alumni of these programs frequently go on to become prominent contributors in their respective disciplines, demonstrating the university’s commitment to developing talent.

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University of Ottawa Scholarships 2024/2025 Details

1. President’s Scholarship for International Students

One full-time international undergraduate student will receive this award. It is one of the most distinguished scholarships at the University of Ottawa, valued at $30,000. Applicants must have a student visa, a minimum admission average, and show leadership characteristics as well as a commitment to academic and extracurricular activities. As long as the student maintains full-time enrollment, international student status, and a minimum CGPA of 8.50, the scholarship may be renewed for the next three years. In addition, the University offers a $1,500 one-time award to the second, third, and fourth-place applicants.

Deadline: April 30.

2. Chancellor’s Scholarship for International Students

The Chancellor’s Scholarship, one of the university’s most coveted awards, is given to an international full-time undergraduate student and is worth $26,000. For the final three years needed to get his undergraduate degree, students might extend their scholarship. The student needs to be in possession of a student visa, have leadership abilities, and be devoted to both extracurricular and academic pursuits. In addition, the University offers a $1,500 one-time prize to the second, third, and fourth-place applicants.

Deadline: April 30

3. Faculty of Arts Dean’s Merit Scholarship

The Faculty of Arts grants 10 of these $4,000 renewable scholarships. Eligible applicants must be enrolled full-time, for the first time, in an undergraduate program at the university’s Faculty of Arts. If the student is enrolled full-time in the Faculty of Arts and has a cumulative grade point average of 9.00 or higher at the end of a semester, the scholarship is renewable. For this scholarship, there is no application needed. The scholarship is awarded during the summer preceding the applicant’s studies.

4. Faculty of Engineering Dean’s Merit Scholarship

Thirty-five of these scholarships are given by the Faculty of Engineering to deserving candidates. The maximum value of the scholarship is $5,000. Candidates must be enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering’s undergraduate program full-time and for the first time. This scholarship requires no application; all eligible students, including international students, are automatically considered.

5. Faculty of Engineering Memorial Scholarship

Seven female students—one from each of the engineering programs—will receive this grant from the Faculty of Engineering. To apply, candidates must send a statement outlining why they are applying to an engineering program as well as an up-to-date resume showing their most recent academic and extracurricular achievements. Applications must be submitted online. This award is open to all female engineering students, including international students, who have been admitted to the Faculty of Engineering.

Deadline: March 31

6. Faculty of Social Sciences Dean’s Excellence Award for International Students

The Faculty of Social Sciences grants a $1,500 scholarship to the best eligible international student who is enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree at the Faculty of Social Sciences for the first time. Applications must be submitted online.

Deadline: March 31

7. Student Mobility Scholarship

The University of Ottawa provides numerous opportunities to study and complete internships abroad through its International Exchange Program. Visit the International Office’s website to learn about all of the available alternatives. The maximum value of the award is $2,000. An application is not necessary. The Student Mobility Scholarship is given to all students who are accepted into the exchange program automatically.

Latest News: University of Ottawa announces renewable undergraduate scholarships for African students

The University of Ottawa, a prestigious university in North America, has announced the establishment of a new four-year renewable entrance and excellence scholarship program, with a total value of up to $100,000. This new program offers aspirant scholars from across Africa seeking opportunities for international education the avenue to fulfill their dreams.

The program is specifically intended, according to the school, for Nigerian and other African students who have just been admitted to Telfer School of Management undergraduate English programs in engineering, science, health sciences, or social sciences.

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