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Uses of energy in our daily life

Energy usage is common in our daily life, every task we perform is by our energy, although for humans, we get our energy from food and water. There is various form of energy out there, which are obtained or use in different applications. Remember the law of conservation that states that energy can never be created or destroyed, but can only be formed from a source and can be transformed into another. This is why energy forms energy of different types. However, the common ones are known through their end product such as electricity; thermal energy which includes heating/cooling, or transportation. Today you’ll get to know the common uses of energy in our daily life.

uses of energy

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Common uses of energy

The common uses of energy in our daily life include residential uses, commercial uses, and transportation uses.

Residential uses of energy:

This is the basic way energy is consumed. The consumption takes place at home which includes cloth washing, watching television, taking a shower, heating and lighting the home, performing home activities, working from home on a computer or laptop, running appliances, and cooking. All these are the ways we use our energy at home. They account for almost forty percent of total energy use globally and they’re one of the common ways energy is wasted.

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Commercial uses of energy:

This energy is what we used in the commercial sector. This includes heating, cooling, and lighting of commercial buildings and spaces, power users and companies, machinery, workstations, etc. The energy use here is more or less similar to the uses in the industrial space save for personal uses.

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Transportation is another whole sector to energy usage as over seventy percent of petroleum is consumed in the transport sector. This includes all vehicles, from personal cars to trucks to buses and motorcycles. It also includes aircraft, trains, pipelines, and ships.

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