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What is Arc stud welding and its techniques

Today I will be discussing on arc stud welding and its techniques. Previously, I explained its advantages and applications. Check out!

What is Arc stud welding?

Arc stud welding is a reliable method of fastening for wide variety of applications. It can quickly weld any sizes, and create strong, one sided welds on the base metal, even as thin as 0.048 inch. It uses DC power supply to create the arc, which produces the joint in just 0.06 seconds.

It has three common techniques which include: drawn arc stud welding, short arc stud welding and gas arc stud welding.

The drawn arc stud techniques work with a flux, that is embedded into the stud to clean the metal surface before the joining takes place. It reacts with the contaminating elements in the atmosphere to keep the weld area clean. The flux latter on vaporize when it feels the arc heat.

Stud welding process

As for the short arc stud techniques, it is much similar to drawn arc, their differences are that, short arc techniques use no flux or ferrule. The process is achieved in a very short time, making it to be characterized by high current and short time welding times. It is suitable for many high-volume applications and can produce porous weld. This arc stud process should be selected when speed and cost are considered over weld strength.

Short arc stud welding


Finally, in gas arc welding techniques, inert shielding gas without flux or ferrule is supplied to the weld area, making it easier to be automated. The shielding gas is deliver by a spark shield. The welding gun is positioned for welding, immediately the gun is triggered, the shielding gas flows into the welding area, as the stud is lifted up. The arc generated melts the stud while lifted and the base metal. When the molten pool occurs, the stud is then pressed to the base metal, as the shielding gas continues to flow into it until the molten metal cools and creates the joints.

Gas arc stud welding


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