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What is electric arc welding, its applications, advantages and disadvantages?

Today I will be discussing on arc welding process. previously, some articles were published on welding process. check below:

What is electric arc welding?

Arc welding is a welding process that use an electric arc to create enough heat to melt a metal, it cools and result to bonding of the metals. This fusion welding uses AC or DC power supply as its source of heat. This power supply creates an arc between a consumable or non-consumable electrode, passing either AC or DC current to the base material.

Electric arc welding

In other words, it is a type of welding process that uses a welding power supply to generate an electric arc between a metal stick (electrode) and the base metal. It melts the metals at the point of contact. There choices and stability for welders to use direct or alternating current and consumable or non-consumable electrode depending the factors considered.

Arc welding was first developed in the late part of 19th century, used in shipbuilding during the second world war. This process today becomes one of the fastest and common welding process in fabrication companies.


Arc welding is widely used in many areas today as it comes in different types. The following are the applications of arc welding;

  • Shipbuilding
  • Construction industries
  • Automotive industries
  • Mechanical industries.

Here are some other applications of arc welding

  1. Aerospace industries use gas tungsten arc welding in many joining areas, most especially sheet metals
  2. Most fabrication industries use GTAW for welding thin workpiece, especially nonferrous metals
  3. Arc welding is used extensively in manufacturing space vehicles
  4. It is used for welding parts of small diameter, thin wall tubing, making it applicable in bicycle industries
  5. The GTAW types of arc welding is used to make nut or first pass welds for piping of various sizes
  6. It is used to repair tools or dies, mostly on parts made with aluminum and magnesium
  7. GTAW welds are highly resistance to corrosion and cracking over long period of time, it is used where these qualities are needed.


Arc welding offers great advantages over many others welding processes. Some benefits of arc welding include:

  1. The welding equipment is portable, making it easy to transport for outside jobs
  2. It has the ability to weld on porous and dirty metals
  3. Its equipment is inexpensive
  4. It is a fast welding process when compared to others
  5. Its operation can be performed during wind or rain
  6. It offers strong joint
  7. Arc welding beads can be used to create designs on fine metals
  8. Its power supply can be use where there is electricity and the alternative can use be if there is no electricity but generator.


  1. Increase of project costs as wastage is inevitable during the process
  2. Well trained and skillful operator is needed for the task
  3. Not all thin metals can weld on arc welding

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