Working principle of a slotter machine and its machanism

The working of slotter machines is quite interesting with the fact that one need be skillful before using them. The machine is of different types so as their working mechanism which we’ll also look after.

Today we’ll be looking at the working principle of a slotter machine and the various mechanism they feature.

types of slotting machine


The working of a slotter machine:

The working of the slotter machine is very similar to the shaper machine. Their major difference is that shaper machines work horizontally whereas slotter machines work vertically. The ram is connected to the crank and the crank is connected to the gears. This allows the increase or decrease of the gear speed and takes effect on the rotation of the crank speed. It also allows the ram to move up and down.

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The workpiece is attached to the workable and the ram will be manually taken to the workpiece. The worktable is designed to be adjusted and has the workpiece clamp on it.  the crank rotates as soon as power is supply the machine and the crank is connected to the ram which moves up and down.

During the up and down movement of the ram, the cutting stroke occurs in the upstroke and there is no cut in the return stroke.

The video content below contains the working of a slotter machine, creating an internal keyway:


The mechanism of the slotting machine can be available in two forms which include:

Hydraulic drive:

In this mechanism, a speed motor is driven by a hydraulic pump which delivers oil at a constant pressure to the line. It also contains a regulating valve that pushes oil under pressure to each end of the piston alternately and allows oil from the opposite end of the piston to return to the reservoir. The piston pushed is connected to the ram by the piston rod as the ram carries the cutting tool. Trip dogs and pilot valves aid the distribution of oil to each end of the piston.

The ram moves a complete stroke (forward and return) by a trip dog which will trip the pilot valve that operates the regulating valve. The regulating valve will push the oil to the other side of the piston and the motion of the ram will reversed.  The ram stroke length will depend upon the position of the trip dogs which can be changed. This is done by unclamping and moving the trip dogs to the desired position.

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Variable speed motor drive:

Slotter machine with this mechanism, the speed is obtained by different gear present in the gearbox whilst, the shaft rotates with the aid of an electric motor. It is basically used in modern large slotting machines.

that’s it for this article, the working principle of a slotter machine. I hope the knowledge is attained, if so, kindly comment, share, and check some other interesting topics below. Thanks!

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