The working principle of the transmission system on both manual and automatic systems is quite easy and interesting. In my previous article, the transmission system was explained as the mechanism that transmits the power created by an automobile engine to the driving wheels is called the TRANSMISSION SYSTEM (or POWER TRAIN). As the engine needs to convert its mechanical power to the drive wheels, the transmission has a great part to play. These include varying the torque, the direction, and the speed, and allowing the car to start at high torque.

The planetary gear set functions by changing the rate of input to output gear speeds through the engagement of one gear to another. The range of available ratios depends on which is engaged to which. There is a complete hydraulic system or control system that engages the set of planetary gears at a given time. This hydraulic control system is controlled by an electronic control unit programmed.

The gear sets are connected to the engine’s input by a series of internal clutches, which are controlled by the computer and hydraulic system. It helps the engine to determine the gear ratio that will be output through the output shaft to the drive shaft of the wheel.

Watch the below video to see how the automatic transmission system work:

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