Wuhan University Scholarships

Wuhan University Scholarships

Greetings from Wuhan University, a prestigious school dedicated to global involvement and academic success. With its extensive scholarship programs, Wuhan University humbly offers a warm invitation to overseas students, to understand the necessity of creating a varied and inclusive academic community. These scholarships offer financial aid and chances for academic progress with the goal of empowering and supporting students worldwide. These scholarships, which are available for undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs, demonstrate Wuhan University’s commitment to fostering cross-cultural cooperation and interaction.

Here is what you need to know about Wuhan University Scholarships:


Details of the Chinese Government Scholarship at Wuhan University

  • Campus: Wuhan University
  • Nation: China
  • Study Level: PhD and Master’s
  • End date: February 2024

Time Frame

A Master’s degree takes two to three years, whereas a Ph.D. degree takes four to six years.

Qualifications for Master’s & PhD

  • Candidates need to be in good health and of non-Chinese nationality.
  • To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a Chinese university graduate or an international student studying abroad.
  • outstanding work in the study.
  • Candidates ought to be proficient in conducting scientific research.
  • Students applying for master’s degrees must be under 35, while those applying for doctorates must be under 40.

Wuhan University CSC Scholarship Financial Coverage

Wuhan University in China pays for the subsequent costs:

  • full cost of tuition.
  • complete health insurance.
  • Charge for lodging.
  • Cost of Registration.
  • Stipend per month for master’s students (3000 RMB) and doctorate students (3500 RMB).

Master’s and PhD Scholarships from Wuhan

  • Degree and Transcript (which a notary public must testify to).
  • Photo in passport size.
  • Passport copy that has been scanned.
  • Two recommendation letters.
  • Research proposal, study plan, or personal statement.
  • Evidence of Linguistic Ability.
  • The Foreigner Physical Examination Form in photocopy form.
  • Personal Statement.
  • Letter of Acceptance (Optional).
  • or any more corroborating paperwork.

Language Prerequisites

  • Chinese-medium courses: a certificate of English proficiency and a report card showing an HSK4 or higher score (210 or above, good for two years).
  • IELTS (5.5 or above) or TOEFL (80 or above) report (valid for two years) or an English proficiency certificate from a previous academic institution (IELTS is not mandatory) are acceptable forms of documentation for English-medium courses.


The last date to apply for the Wuhan University Scholarship for International Students all around the world on Feb 2024.

How to Apply for this Scholarship:

The process of this scholarship is online, please check the link below to apply online or check the official scholarship announcement.


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