How To Remove Water Spots From Car

How To Remove Water Spots From Car

A car’s otherwise gorgeous paint finish gets ruined by water spots. The white-edged blotches and circles look simple to remove with a moist towel, but as soon as you’ve done wiping them away, they return. You can easily remove water spots from an automobile with supplies you already own. Simply follow the easy instructions discussed below to make water stains on your car magically disappear.

Hard water that dried on the paint of your car’s body and glass left behind water stains. Calcium and magnesium are among the several minerals found in abundance in hard water. Hard water evaporates, leaving behind minerals that, when dried, have a white appearance. So how can you remove water spots?

How To Remove Water Spots From Car


Let the car cool down

Park your car in the shade and wait until the paint is at a fair temperature. Never wash a hot car. On a hot car, water evaporates too quickly, making it challenging to completely dry the surface with a towel before water droplets dry on their own and leave extra smudges.

Get prepared

One bucket should be filled with warm, soapy water, and the other should be filled with fresh rinse water. Prepare a hose, a soft cleaning mitt or sponge, drying towels or microfiber towels, and all of these items.

Wash the car using a soft mitt

Use the two-bucket cleaning technique, soaking the cleaning mitt in soapy water before washing the soiled surface. After that, rinse the mitt in a bucket of clean water. Continue washing by soaking the mitt again in soapy water.

Now, rinse the car with fresh, clean water

Rinse the car thoroughly with the hose’s fresh water. Make sure there are no suds left by beginning at the top and rinsing the suds downward.

Use a towel to dry the car

With microfiber cloths, start drying the car as soon as possible, working your way down from the top. If you can, ask a helper to help you wipe the water off before it evaporates. Apply a chamois if necessary.

Use a synthetic or natural chamois (or shammy) to hasten the drying even further. To remove the majority of the water, the chamois works like a squeegee. Use the microfiber towels to remove the remaining water after using the chamois.