How to Reset a Throttle Position Sensor

How to Reset a Throttle Position Sensor

Modern automobiles come with sophisticated sensors for almost every system. These sensors operate at their best, but they can also malfunction and cause issues. It’s crucial that you can reset the throttle body sensor if that becomes necessary. It might be challenging to identify the source of engine problems in your car. The throttle body system is just one of many parts that cooperate to provide the engine with smooth acceleration. So, how do you reset the throttle position sensor?

How to Reset a Throttle Position Sensor


Detach the battery

Be sure to disconnect the battery for at least five minutes before moving on to the next procedure.

Reattach the battery

When the five minutes are up, reattach the battery but don’t try to do anything else.

Set the ignition to “electric.”

Put the key in the ignition now and switch to electric so that your car’s entire dashboard illuminates.

Push the gas pedal all the way down, then let it go

You should perform the subsequent procedure three times. First, slowly depress the gas pedal all the way to the floor. It should only take around four seconds, and after the pedal touches the floor, you should leave it there for additional three seconds or more. Similarly, if you depress the accelerator pedal, you should release it gradually, taking four seconds again. Repeat this process three times.

Turn the key to the off position

After completing the fourth procedure, you should turn the ignition switch to the “off” position and remove the key for approximately 10 seconds. The operation is successful if your idleness is still there. If it isn’t, you might have to go through the third & fourth procedures again to get it to stay stable. Alternatively, you can try disconnecting your battery’s negative cable for around five minutes in order to reprogram your throttle position sensor. In addition, you can take the fuse out of your engine control module.