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  • How to Clean Cloth Car Seats

    How to Clean Cloth Car Seats

    Cloth car interiors often rank first for being the least forgiving. Those who are fortunate enough to have dark-colored cloth may get away with the occasional spill, but otherwise, you may end up with a car that looks fairly dirty. The majority of garages offer comprehensive detail cleaning, but when you need it done frequently,…

  • How To Clean Leather Car Seats

    How To Clean Leather Car Seats

    No one likes getting into a dirty vehicle, whether it is their own or someone else’s. Also, if your car has good leather seats, it’s likely that you spent a little extra money on them so you could commute in comfort. It makes sense that having clean leather vehicle seats is of interest when you…

  • How To Clean Car Seats

    How To Clean Car Seats

    The seats in our car take a lot of punishment from things like food stains, pet hair, kids, spilled drinks, and supermarket catastrophes, so it’s important to evaluate and know that the seats need to be cleaned. According to the Federal Highway Administration, the typical American driver covers roughly 13,000 miles annually. Your car seat…