The working principle of a shaping machine

The working of a shaping machine is quite easy as it requires less skills and can be easily learned. The machine is suitable for giving a workpiece surface desired shapes like horizontal, vertical and flat. Some shaping tools is used to create curves as well as many other shapes on workpieces.

working of a shaper machine

Today we’ll be looking deep into the working of different types of shaping machine such as the hydraulic and the reciprocating types. Their working mechanism will also be examined.

Working principle of a shaper machine:

The reciprocating types of shaping machine working is achieved by fixing the workpiece on the machine table. The cutting tool is fixed on the ram which moves forward and backward in a slider (reciprocating movement) form. The forward strokes toward the workpiece take the cut and the backward movement set the ram for another cutting action.

The working of hydraulic shaper machine:

The mechanism of hydraulic shaper machine work as a motor that drives a hydraulic pump at a constant speed to deliver oil at a constant pressure to the line. It has a regulating valve that accept oil under pressure to each end on the piston alternately. Some oil at the opposite end of the piston return back to the reservoir.

The piston which is connected to the ram is pushed by the oil. This ram is carrying the cutting tool as it moves toward the workpiece. The piston rod connects the piston and ram, helping the complete stroke (forward and backward movement) to be attained. The length of this ram stroke will depend upon the position of trip dogs. It can be change by unclamping and moving the trip dogs to the desired position.

The oil pumped to each end of the piston is altered by the trip dogs and pilot valves. The trip dog will trip the pilot valve which operates the regulating valve.

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The following represent the step by step working of a shaping machine:

  • First of all, the workpiece will be tightly placed on the table, setting the surface that requires the cut.
  • The cutting tool as this point should already be in position. That is, fixed tightly to the ram.
  • After the setting is done, the machine should start performing its reciprocating action
  • In reciprocating action, the ram moves forward and backward to complete a stroke. It moves toward the workpiece and cutoff the material by leaving the required shape.
  • The forward stroke takes the cut and the backward stroke set the ram for another cutting

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That’s all for this article, working principle of shaping machine. I hope you enjoy the reading, if so, let know your thought and share with other students. Thanks!

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