Timing Chain Replacement Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Timing Chain

The timing chain is a component of machinery that joins the camshaft and crankshaft of an engine. The placement of the piston can be used to control the engine valves’ opening and closing. A damaged timing chain might lead to problems with your car. So, how much does it cost to replace this timing chain?Timing Chain Replacement Cost

Read on as we’ll delve deep into timing chain replacement cost. In addition, we’ll cover some other crucial aspects you need to know about the timing chain, including:

  • What Factors Affect Timing Chain Replacement Cost?
  • How Often Should You Replace a Timing Chain?
  • What Is the Severity of a Timing Chain Problem?

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Timing Chain Replacement Cost

Chain replacement can get quite sophisticated quickly, therefore labor costs are very high. It will cost between $400 and $1,000 to install a new one. Despite being more expensive, it is preferable to the DIY approach because of the dangers and tiresome difficulty. You could need to replace the entire engine if you arrive at the auto shop too late. In this situation, the cost of the replacement will be $6,000, which is enough for some people to have the car towed to a junkyard.

What Factors Affect Timing Chain Replacement Cost?

When talking about a timing chain replacement cost, there are surely one or two factors that are affecting the price ranges.

Make and Model

Most older vehicles use timing belts rather than timing chains. As a result, the age of your vehicle is frequently ignored. However, the cost of the parts will always be determined by the make and model. A low-cost timing chain, for example, can be purchased for as little as $20. These are replacement parts designed to fit as many vehicles as feasible. However, other than what the company claims, there is no assurance of quality.

Parts from other manufacturers, such as Honda, are frequently inexpensive as well. A Honda timing chain, for example, may be purchased for as low as $94. Some brands, on the other hand, are quite expensive. Chevy’s timing chain assembly starts at $740. Even if you choose a less expensive aftermarket or refurbished chain, the part will always be expensive.


The work that must be done is the most significant aspect of replacing a timing chain. However, this is very dependent on the type of vehicle you own and the year it was manufactured. Some models make it simple to access the timing chain. Some require disassembling the engine and lifting it out as a whole.

The complexity of your timing arrangement is also essential. To add or remove a timing chain, for example, all of the timing gauges, gears, and tensioners must be in the proper position. The more people there are, the longer it takes. You should anticipate to pay anything between $15 to $210 per hour, depending on the mechanic.

Typically, hiring a mechanic costs $60 per hour. And changing a timing chain takes between 4 and 8 hours. Some models are outliers. Timing systems on simple Dodge engines, for example, are fairly simple to modify. Toyota and Honda are also regarded as being simple to service and repair. A Chevy pickup and a Ford F150 are not the same things.

Replacement Parts

In rare cases, you may only need to replace the timing chain. However, in rare circumstances, the entire timing assembly must be replaced. In fact, because you don’t always know what went wrong with the timing chain, that might be a smart idea. This is especially true since the cost of parts is frequently far lower than the cost of labor. So simply changing the entire timing assembly at once may save you from having to disassemble everything again if something else goes wrong.

Furthermore, the timing chain tensioner frequently fails. It’s also far less expensive to replace than the timing chain. And the symptoms of a damaged tensioner are similar to those of a broken timing chain. Finally, you should probably replace the sprockets. These are inexpensive, but they break more frequently than the timing chain itself.

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What Is the Severity of a Timing Chain Problem?

It may appear that an automobile will function well without a timing chain. After all, it’s a minor component in comparison to the rest of the vehicle. What harm could occur? Ignoring timing chain breakdowns could result in serious engine damage. If the problem persists for a long enough period of time, it may necessitate a complete engine replacement.

A malfunctioning timing chain can even force the car to come to a complete stop, which is hazardous for any driver. Don’t take any chances. If you observe any of the symptoms, take them to a shop as soon as possible. They can advise you on the following steps.

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Is it worth replacing a timing chain?

Timing chains do not require routine replacement, but timing belts do. The timing chain shouldn’t need to be changed unless it has been harmed, overworked, or otherwise compromised. Your car will most likely experience one or more faults if there is a timing chain issue.

How much does it cost to get a full-timing chain replaced?

Timing chain replacements typically cost between $1,648 and $1,908. The cost of labor is expected to be between $950 and $1,198, and the cost of parts is between $697 and $709.

Is replacing a timing chain a big job?

The proper equipment, a repair handbook tailored to the engine’s model, and some mechanical expertise are needed for timing chain installation. Since it’s a big job, there’s a chance that getting it wrong could have long-lasting effects on the engine.

Will a car still run with a bad timing chain?

An engine with a broken timing chain will either not start or fail while being driven. The engine won’t start if the belt is already broken since there won’t be adequate compression. The pistons will sustain damage by coming into touch with the valves if they break or leap while being driven. The actual valves will bend, possibly ruining the engine.

Is there a warning before a timing chain breaks?

This diagnostic is frequently the initial step in replacing the timing chain outside of routine maintenance. The check engine light is frequently the only indication that something is wrong before the chain breaks.

How long can I drive with a noisy timing chain?

Driving with a damaged timing chain puts you at risk for catastrophic engine damage and puts you in danger by increasing the likelihood that your car will suddenly stop. Usually, a timing chain needs to be replaced after 40,000 to 150,000 miles.

How many hours does it take to replace a timing chain?

The entire timing chain replacement process, including all associated parts, ought to take a skilled mechanic between 5 and 8 hours.

Why are timing chains so expensive?

Due to labor costs, timing-chain replacement is frequently highly expensive, but engine repair when a timing belt fails is also costly.


In conclusion, for knowledgeable car maintenance, it is crucial to comprehend the costs involved with timing chain replacement. Recognizing the importance of this maintenance task is crucial, despite the fact that the cost might vary greatly depending on elements like your car’s make and model and local labor expenses.

A prompt replacement will help you avoid future costly repairs and serious engine damage. Always seek the advice of a reliable mechanic for precise cost estimates, and with regular timing chain maintenance, you can extend the life and dependability of your car.


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